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    ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757

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    Product Details
    Ask a Canopy Specialist:
    Manufacturer: ShelterLogic
    ShelterLogic Part Number: 25757
    eCanopy Item Number: STL-25757
    UPC: 677599257575


    • Sturdy beam welded 1-3/8" diameter steel frame is field tested to withstand all but the most rigorous weather conditions
    • High grade steel frame goes through a 13 step Rhino Shield surface preparation process
    • Bonded with DuPont thermoset baked on powder-coated finish to eliminate any rust, weathering, chipping and peeling
    • Patented Twist-Tite technology tensioning system secures taut to pipes ensuring longer life and a wrinkle free look
    • Easy-Slide Cross Rail system clamps tight to square up, smooth out, and lock down shelters
    • Wide based foot pads on every leg ensure a dependable sturdy base and easy access to secure anchor points.
    • Fitted one piece full valance cover
    • Heat bonded, triple layer, polyethylene cover with enhanced weave to ensure its 100% waterproof
    • UV treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal agents
    • Totally tear resistant reinforced rip-stop cover
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty


    • 10' W x 20' L  steel frame 
    • Full valance fitted cover
    • SL Bungee cords
    • (6) Foot plates
    • Temporary spike anchors
    • Easy step by step instructions
    Quality protective canopies do come any better than this 10 foot wide x 20 foot long Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter. When you want to get a car or boat out of the weather and protected from the sun, this portable shelter gives you everything you need for quick and easy set up. The 10 foot wide x 20 foot long Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter is made by Shelter Logic, the experts in high quality portable shelters.
    eCanopy com - ShelterLogic MaxAP Canopy Anchoring is the responsibility of the owner. Proper anchoring is critical to the overall safety and longevity of your ShelterLogic product. The most popula...

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    Customer Questions & Answers
    By Jerry from Warrior, Alabama on May 13, 2012
    Do you sell replacement canopy fabric for this shelter?
    By Tommy H. on May 14, 2012

    By Al Pena from irving,tx on June 8, 2012
    I would like to order just the canopy I already have the frame - a wind storm ripped my other one.
    By Dawn H. on June 11, 2012

    You can find the replacement cover at the following link:

    Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Replacement Cover

    By RICKEY from NEW BRAUNFELS, TX 78130 on July 22, 2012
    Can you purchase just the fabric cover? I own two of these shelters and need to replace one of the covers. Frame is in great share.
    By Dawn H. on July 23, 2012

    Yes, we do carry the 10 x 20 Replacement Tops.

    By LARRY HANSEN from PHOENIX, AZ on July 23, 2012
    Will the replacement cover for a 10 x 20 2' frame fit a 10 x 20 1.3/8" frame ?
    By Dawn H. on July 23, 2012

    No, it will not. You will need the Cover specifically designed for a 10 x 20 1-3/8 inch frame.

    By Bob Smith from redding, CA on August 30, 2012
    I'm looking for a replacement tarp for this 10x20 shelter. What do you recommend?
    By Chris C. on August 31, 2012

    Yes, we do carry the Shelter Logic White Replacement Cover for 10 x 20 Canopy - 1-3/8 inch Frame. This product should fit your needs.

    By Bob from Virginia on October 1, 2012
    What is this canopy's clearance height?
    By Dawn H. on October 1, 2012

    The clearance height at the sides measures 6 feet, 3 inches.

    By Franny Aki from Kapaa, Hawaii on December 13, 2012
    Can I purchase the canopy only? A hail storm damaged mine, but the frame is A-OK.
    By Dawn H. on December 14, 2012

    Yes we do have the Replacement Canopy for this model.

    By Bob from Orofino, Idaho on December 28, 2012
    Is it possible to get just the tarps, or do I have to order the whole unit again?

    By Magan B. on December 28, 2012

    The White Replacement Cover is available for purchase separately.

    By Richard from Clearfield, PA on January 27, 2013
    Can you just buy the canopy top?
    By Magan B. on January 28, 2013

    By Elizabeth from Dallas, TX on January 22, 2013
    Do you sell just replacement parts for Shelter Logic?
    By Dawn H. on January 22, 2013

    No, we do not sell replacement poles. You would need to get them from the manufacturer directly.

    By Marcia Hudson Cope from Winston-Salem, NC on February 11, 2013
    What is the total weight of this canopy?

    By Tommy H. on February 11, 2013

    This canopy's total weight is 74 lbs.

    By Scott from IN on March 11, 2013
    Where can I get pole parts?
    By Magan B. on March 12, 2013

    Poles are available from Shelter Logic directly. We sell only the complete kits.

    By Julie from Tampa, FL on March 20, 2013
    Where can I get spare parts for this model?
    By Tommy H. on March 20, 2013

    You would obtain parts directly from the manufacturer.

    By Karen from OH on April 9, 2013
    Does this canopy come with side walls? I'm looking for one outside and two sides so I can use this to enclose my deck.
    By Dawn H. on April 10, 2013

    It does not come with side walls but an Enclosure Kit can be purchased for it separately.

    By Ron from Rochester, NY on May 29, 2013
    Can I order a replacement double dipper panel for my 25772 enclosure kit. Also can I put the garage vent kit on this item?
    By Dawn H. on May 29, 2013

    We do not currently carry just the zippered panel, only the full enclosure. You would need to purchase it directly from the manufacturer. However, the vent kits can be installed on the canopy at the top front and back but not on the front door itself.

    By Robert from Azusa, CA on July 19, 2013
    What the shipping weight?
    By Collin C. on July 19, 2013

    Shipping weight of this canopy is 82 pounds. The canopy itself weighs 74 pounds.

    By Mike from VA on August 12, 2013
    Is this fabric waterproof and will it hold up under a snow fall?
    By Tommy H. on August 12, 2013

    This cover is waterproof, however, it is not snow rated. The manufacturer recommends keeping it swept free of snow or having the cover completely removed if great snowfall is expected.

    By Scott from CA on August 24, 2013
    How difficult is it to adjust the height?
    By Kathy N. on August 26, 2013

    The legs of the canopy are not Adjustable for varied heights. Out side of sawing the legs, there would not be any way to change the height. By altering the structure of its manufactured assembly would void the warranty on the product.

    By Carl from NY on August 23, 2013
    Can the support poles be hard fastened to wood? If not, can the support poles that are hard fastened to wood be separately purchased?
    By Kathy N. on August 23, 2013

    As long as the wood that you are attaching the structure to can support the foot plates. We highly recommend attaching to the wood using lag screws to secure the structure from the different elements of weather.

    By Chuck from Naples, FL on September 10, 2013
    How can I buy a new canvas?
    By Dawn H. on September 10, 2013

    We do have the replacement tops available. Please note however that they will only fit the Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter.

    By Patti from Hailey, Idaho on September 6, 2013
    What is the peak height?
    By Dawn H. on September 9, 2013

    The peak height is 9'-6".

    By Judy from Ontario, Canada on November 4, 2013
    Can you just buy the tarp? We use them over our horse stall, so I just need the tarps.
    By Chris C. on November 4, 2013

    The top for this model can be seen here.

    By Dave from Rochester, NY on November 16, 2013
    What kind of lubricant can I use on the pole joints so that the tent will come apart?
    By Emily on November 18, 2013

    I would think WD-40 would work to loosen the poles enough to take apart.

    By Norm from Florida on November 22, 2013
    Does each base footer rest on the ground or can the pole legs be inset right into the ground for further stability?
    By Emily on November 22, 2013

    You would need to make sure all the legs are at the same height on all sides. Any variation could compromise the frame.

    By Robert from TX on April 7, 2014
    Can you remove the canopy when not in use and leave the frame intact? Then, return another day and re-install the canopy as a time saver? Preventing "rain collapse" as complained about before?

    By Dawn H. on April 7, 2014

    Yes, the top can be removed and the frame left up. Please note that the frame will still need to be anchored down even if the top is removed.

    By Mike from VA on March 19, 2014
    I want a shelter for my camper trailer. It should be 10 by 30 with 8 foot sides.
    By Justin R. on March 19, 2014

    We do not offer a shelter that would meet your needs in a 10x30x8, but we have a 12x30x8 shelter. It is the ShelterLogic 12 x 20 x 8 Peak Style Portable Garage Canopy - 71434 . This structure will provide adequate coverage and protection for your trailer.

    By Carla from Amanda, OH on June 17, 2014
    How do I set this up?
    By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on June 17, 2014

    You can view the set up directions here.
    By Kelly from Louisiana on June 24, 2014

    The kit comes with instructions and a diagram. I laid out all of the pieces like it is shown in the diagram then connected the pipes. My teenage son and I put it together. Having an extra person will help the process move quicker.

    By Rod from Austin, TX on December 12, 2014
    How tall is this canopy shelter?
    By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on December 12, 2014

    It is 9'-6" in the center and 6'-3" at the sides.
    By Daniel from Gainesville, FL on December 12, 2014

    I just went outside and measured it. It has a peaked roof and the canopy on top descends a few inches at the sides. Mine is about 70 inches from just below the the canopy to the ground. Knowing this, you can estimate the height of the peak from the picture. I hope this helps.

    By Carolyn from Boston, MA on January 6, 2015
    What is the distance between the legs of this tent? Also, would this hold up to 40mph winds?
    By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on January 6, 2015

    The legs are approximately 10 feet apart. The shelter does not have a wind rating. The manufacturer states that any shelter that is not anchored
    securely has the potential to fly away causing damage, and is not covered under the warranty. Periodically check the anchors to ensure
    stability of shelter.

    By Dru from MA on February 25, 2015
    Does this canopy shelter have any accessories that I can buy to add to it?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on February 26, 2015

    You can click on the accessories tab below the item photo to view all of the accessories available. This unit has the 1 3/8" frame.

    By Bill from Atlanta, GA on April 16, 2015
    What are the base feet of this ShelterLogic canopy shelter made of? I'll be installing it on a concrete pad. Would the four pegged guide ropes be necessary?
    By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on April 16, 2015

    The foot plates are made of a heavy duty plastic. The canopy must be anchored either with the included spike anchors, the optional rope and auger anchor kit, or in some other manner to insure it is stabilized.

    By Paula from Ft. Worth, TX on May 23, 2015
    What gauge of steel is this ShelterLogic 10x20 Max 6 leg canopy made with?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on May 26, 2015

    According to the manufacturer, The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757 has a 22 gauge steel frame.

    By James from LA on July 22, 2015
    What are the dimensions of this ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter?
    By Seth on July 23, 2015

    Thank you for your inquiry. This Shelter is 10' wide and 20' long. The peak is 9' 6" and the side rail is 6'3" high.

    By Bruce from San Diego, CA on January 7, 2016
    How thick is the canopy material?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on January 7, 2016

    The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757 has a 5.5 oz triple layer top.
    By Dawn from Greensboro, NC on January 8, 2016

    It's not too thick but it works for what we need. We use just the top or roof section over our pool deck for shade and keep it in place all year (just need to knock the snow off, if need be).

    By Juan from TX on January 5, 2016
    Do you have the assembly instructions for this ShelterLogic canopy shelter?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on January 5, 2016

    Please use the link below to view the manual.


    By Dorothy from Santa Cruz, CA. on May 13, 2016
    How do I anchor the legs to the ground?
    By Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist on May 13, 2016

    This shelter includes temporary tent spike anchors for basic setups. You may purchase additional auger anchoring kits for more long-term setups in the Accessories tab on the item page. If you are anchoring this to a hard surface like concrete, you will need to purchase concrete bolts or other equipment from your local hardware store.
    By Bill from CA on May 13, 2016

    If your using them on soil just drive the spikes through the holes in the feet of each pole. If it is being use all the time mine are in umbrella stands with sand weights on each one. Hope this helped.
    By Dennis from CA on May 13, 2016

    I used very heavy weights!

    By Dick from Mooresville, IN on December 8, 2015
    I need instructions to assemble this ShelterLogic 25757. Do you have these?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on December 8, 2015

    Thank you for your inquiry. Please use the link below to view the manual for the set up instructions on the ShelterLogic unit.

    ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757

    By James from TX on October 29, 2016
    Does this meet any flame retardant standard? Or, do you make a cover for this frame which will?
    By Will M. - eCanopy Product Specialist on October 31, 2016

    Per the manufacturer, do not smoke or use open flame devices (including grills, fire pits, deep fryers, smokers, or lanterns) in or around the shelter. Do not store flammable liquids (gasoline, kerosene, propane, etc.) in or around your shelter. Do not expose the top or sides of the shelter to open fire or another flame source.

    This product does not have a fire rating and there is no replacement top that does have a fire rating.

    By Richard from Pasadena, CA on February 24, 2016
    Is the ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757 waterproof? Will it protect from the rain? If not, do you have a model that does?
    By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on February 25, 2016

    Thank you for your inquiry. The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757 is waterproof and will protect from the weather.
    By bill from CA on February 25, 2016

    Yes, the tarp is water proof. I have had mine for sometime now and we have had rain storms and it has never leaked. Hope this helps answer your question.
    By Mike from on February 25, 2016

    The 2757 is waterproof, but water can be blown in through the open sides, of course.
    By bruce from Lake Worth on February 25, 2016

    This is my second one. After a while pinhole drops get through at the seem on top.
    By Jim from Philadelphia on February 25, 2016

    We had our canopy up for two weeks this summer for a few gatherings we were hosting. We had some storms during the time it was up. The canopy material is water tight. I know this because water pooled in some areas at the edge of the tarp and remained there until I pushed the underside with a broom.

    By Pat from UT on October 17, 2016
    How tall is it at the peak and the sides?
    By Darnarius on October 18, 2016

    This item has a peak height of 9 feet 6 inches and a side height of 6 feet 3 inches.

    By Dianna from NC on March 27, 2017
    Can I get the canopy in a different color?
    By Sarah on March 27, 2017

    White is the only color available for this item.

    By Carol from Hayward, CA on April 28, 2017
    Can I buy the top separately? I have the frame.

    By Darnarius on May 1, 2017

    Please contact ShelterLogic directly for availability, as we only carry the full unit.

    By Jeff from Sunnyside, WA on February 26, 2017
    Do you make a 14' x 24' canopy as the above item?
    By Sarah on February 27, 2017

    Unfortunately, we do not offer such a product.

    By Holly from MD on May 20, 2017
    My brother didn't need this tent anymore and gave it to me. He didn't have the assembly instructions. Where online can I find them?

    By Jessica from Boise, ID on June 30, 2017
    What is the weight limit/snow load of this? Would this stand up well to a difficult winter?
    By Sarah on July 3, 2017

    This cover is waterproof, however, it is not snow rated. The manufacturer recommends keeping it swept free of snow or having the cover completely removed if great snowfall is expected.

    Customer Reviews
    ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Max AP 6 Leg Canopy Shelter - 25757 ( 213.95 )
    4.5 out of 5 Stars based on 18 review(s) - sorted by Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    Cheap construction
    from Sacramento, CAon
    July 14, 2016
    The poles bent, the tarp ripped, I barely got a week out of this shelter
    Cheap, cheap, cheap

    10x20 - six leg
    from Helenaon
    May 20, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Third 10x20 purchased. Easy for my wife and I to set up. Last purchase was placed on our pool deck. Easy to anchor to deck. Just the right size for 6 person table and four stool bar with refrigerator. Oldest unit purchased 2013 and has held up very well. Mounted permanently to a deck at our football tailgate location. Used for storage in the off season and tailgating during football season. Periodical cleaning and annual waterproofing the top have added to the contentious life of the unit.h
    Easy to install, available sides, zipper end sections and netting which are easy to install when needed.

    from Pinoleon
    April 27, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Bought canopy to keep my boat protected from the rain and sun! Very easy to assemble with two people. I only gave it 4 stars because It needs set screws to keep the frame tight and not come apart during strong winds

    great for money
    from Jacksonvilleon
    November 19, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    easy to assemble, seems to be holding up so far
    easy to assemble
    would recommend tiedowns for center to help stablize

    Easy to Handle
    from United Stateson
    October 1, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    The shelter worked well for our outdoors event. It's a bit on the thinner side but the coverage is good. It was sturdy enough to hold up when the winds started picking up. I would recommend to others.
    Easy to assemble. Good amount of coverage.
    Material is a bit thin.

    Excellent product, as advertised
    from Hudson NYon
    September 4, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Went up easily, has stayed up through high winds.

    Excellent canopy for the price, quick delivery and very easy to setup
    Bill Klaproth
    from Sacramento, CAon
    June 12, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I ordered this canopy for a family reunion for shade. After receiving (quickly) may I add, My son and I set it up. It does take 2 people to setup. I recommend having 3 on hand. The metal poles are about 1.5" in diameter (estimate). All labeled. After it was put up, you can easily have 2-3 tables underneath. We had one large table with min 10-15 people seated in the shade. You could fit a car easily under the canopy as well. Highly recommend.
    Easy to setup. Quick Delivery, seems durable.
    Takes 2-3 people (not really a con, just a notation). Must have 4 people or more to move locations once setup. You could break down and rebuild as well.

    Great for large parties
    from Sacramento, CAon
    May 18, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    We were planning a large party and needed a larger canopy. We looked around and saw this well priced canopy. After quickly receiving, it was easy to put up. Definitely needs two to three people. It has solid metal poles. Once the actual canopy is attached, the canopy is very sturdy. The ropes and stakes were a little weak, so we added small weights to ensure the canopy did not move. Overall very satisfied, Great canopy, provides much needed large shaded area, easy to put up.

    shelter logic 25757
    Edward Hess
    from United Stateson
    December 24, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I found this item to be relatively easy to assemble. I was able to assemble it myself with help only for the cover from my wife.
    well made steel consruction
    I needed to use duct tape on some of the joints which were loose fitting.

    Great Value
    from Mentor, Ohioon
    July 16, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I had no trouble putting the canopy up until I got to the cover. Next time I'll forego the instructions and put the cover on before I put all of the legs in place so I can walk around it and properly position it. Stayed up in a pretty good windstorm but I also used ratchet tie-downs on either end to secure it to my dock. After 2 weeks we haven't had a single issue.
    Price Ease of assembly
    Plastic feet instead of metal

    syed sami
    from california on
    June 16, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy to set up and huge and looks awesome!
    easy to set up! huge well built looks good

    Ours has Lasted Three Years, Maintenance Free, in a Harsh & Windy Climate
    from Dillon, Montanaon
    January 15, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I received mine as a Christmas gift three years ago. I expected it to last until the following summer. It's lasted three years so far. Soon I will order a replacement canopy, but the frame is like new.

    Gotta Love It
    from Stockton, Californiaon
    January 2, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    you guys rock. I received my canopy when you said I would, it went up easy and was the toast of the wedding. thanks for helping to make a very memorable occasion.

    JC & Colleen Massey
    from Big Pine Key, FL.on
    August 8, 2013
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    For the money we found the canopy to be of good quality materials and workmanship. It was easy to assemble and will be easy for us retirees to remove the top by ourselves if a hurricane is approaching. We are using it to keep our car out of the sun, this canopy gives great sun protection.

    Shelter Logic 10X20MaxAP6 Leg Canopy Shelter -25757
    Bill Strait
    from State Road N.C.28676on
    August 2, 2013
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Its a fine product can you get some one to put it together for me?
    Its just what I wanted to cover my picnic table & fire place in my back yard.
    Putting it together, I have a back problem & Knees to it would be nice if you could get somebody to put it together for me,I,am a Senior & 83 yrs. old & have a problem some times doing things!

    It really helps us to cover
    from Kingman, Arizonaon
    July 27, 2012
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I added cement blocks and brackets to hold it down and it's been standing for few weeks in spite of the wind. I'm very satisfied with it.
    It's cheap and provides the cover I was looking for.

    Great for Covering a Deck
    from waukegan ilon
    July 16, 2012
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy to put up. I secured it to my deck with eyelets and ratchet straps. It has helped to keep my deck 10 degrees cooler. Love it!

    Best thing ever
    from New Yorkon
    May 29, 2012
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I love the canopy. I put it in my backyard and I don't have to worry about rainy days anymore. It is easy to assemble and sturdy enough to keep it up all summer. Love it, love it!

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