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Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure - Chestnut / Almond Color

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Ask a Canopy Specialist:

Patio Mate Screen Enclosures are the perfect addition to your house, yourmobile home or even an RV to add summer living space! Patio-Mate screenedenclosures fit existing wooden decks or concrete patios and can be anchoredsecurely to the concrete or wood. The roof is detachable for easy maintenanceand winter storage. Rust proof fiberglass screens allow cool air to circulatewhile keeping out mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Patio Mate Screen Enclosures are constructed from the finest materials foryears of outdoor enjoyment. Feature sturdy aluminum frames with a baked-onenamel finish, and rust-proof fiberglass screens to provide refreshing cool aircirculation without insects. 3-ply vinyl roofs resist mildew.

All models have sliding doors!  These durable screened enclosures can beinstalled in an afternoon and will provide summer after summer of relaxation andenjoyment.


Peak Ht. Sq. Ft. No. of Doors
7' 8" x 11' 6" 88.5" to 93.5" 88 1
8' 6" x 17' 1" 90.25" to 95" 144 1
7' 8" x 15' 5" 88.5" to 93.5" 119 1
7' 8" x 19'3" 88.5" to 93.5" 148 2
11' 6" x 15' 5" 92.25" to 95.5" 178 2
8' 6" x 25' 7" 90.25" to 95" 217 2
11' 6" x 19'3" 92.25" to 95.25" 221 2



  • Chestnut Color Frame & Almond Color Roof
  • Anchors securely to existing wooden decks or concrete patios - looks great on a mobile home or RV.
  • Roof is detachable for easy maintenance and winter storage.
  • Rust-proof fiberglass screens allow cool air to circulate while keeping out mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • Three-ply vinyl roof that resists mildew.
  • Heavy-duty galvanized metal frame with baked-on architectural finish to resist fading and oxidation.
Manufacturer: Kay Home
Kay Home Part Number: PM-CA
eCanopy Item Number: KHP-PM-CA
Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure - Chestnut / Almond Color
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
5 Stars

December 16, 2008
I have a deck that I could not enclose due to permit regulations in my town. This enclosure is absolutely THE best! I love the size of the sliding door and the overall structure is very sturdy. since I live in New England, we do take down the awning every year to protect it from the snow. My handyman does this in less than a half hour. I am able to go outside at night and not get eaten by bugs. One of my best purchased ever!!

5 Stars

screen room
October 18, 2007
everyone loved this room. we have alot of mosquitoes, and this room really helped. we had a freak hail storm and now i have to order another roof, but our cars were damaged also, so it holds up pretty well.

5 Stars

Perfect summer spot
September 29, 2007
We purchased this item at the beginning of the summer season. We needed shelter from the south sun and pesky bugs...this was PERFECT. Great quality and design. Our friends loved it so much that they purchased one too!

5 Stars

Screen Room
September 4, 2007
This is a great buy. Takes about a day to assemble. Instructions are easy to understand also.

Daniel Grimmer
5 Stars

11.6X15.5 Screen House
April 16, 2007
When installing this item the first time, I would say the task was not bad at all. I did have some prep work to do prior to the install and for my enclosure it took a little over 8 hoiurs to complete.I would recommend this to anybody, a very nice product....

By JIm Rawls from Tuckerton, NJ on February 11, 2012
Is it possible for the peak height to go up to 101"?
By Magan B. on February 13, 2012

The maximum peak height on this item is 95.5" on the 11' 6" x 15' 5" size. The fixed height side panels restrict the peak height.

By William Horton from Toms River NJ on February 15, 2012
I have a deck approx 14' x 14' would like to use as much of the deck as possible. What size could I get?
By Dawn H. on February 15, 2012

Based on your deck size you would need to get the 7' 8" x 11' 6" enclosure.

By mindy minnig from olland patent ny on March 26, 2012
Can you put the door anywhere on the sides?
By Dawn H. on March 26, 2012

Yes, you can put the doors on the side you choose.

By Jeanette from Martinez on April 25, 2012
How long has this product been on the market? What is the projected life cycle e.g. 1, 2, 3 years?
By Dawn H. on April 25, 2012

The product has been on the market since the early 1980's. The projected life span will depend greatly on your care of it and your location. If you follow all care and maintenance instructions you can expect it to last up to 10 years and sometimes longer.

By J from Augusta, GA on April 25, 2012
I understand some leakage is likely. What can I expect for leakage and where is it likely to occur?
By Dawn H. on April 25, 2012

Rain can come in through the screens and possibly where it is attached to your house.

By donna taft from madison wi on May 9, 2012
Can i get a custom size made for my deck?
By Tommy H. on May 9, 2012

Unfortunately, the sizes we list are the only sizes we have available.

By Jim Wilkie from Fargo, North Dakota on May 23, 2012
Can you locate the doors any place you want?
By Tommy H. on May 23, 2012

Yes. You can put the door on any side.

By Jim Wilkie from Fargo, North Dakota on June 17, 2012
I only have about 93.5 inches under my eve will the 11.6 X 15.5 work, is this enough clearance, and how much slope to the roof and could I add an extra door to this size unit making it a three door unit, and if so how much are the doors?
By Dawn H. on June 18, 2012

The manufacturer recommend you have at least 91 inches. The slope is going to depend on how you install it. Extra doors are not available.

By Jim Wilkie from FARGO, nd on June 19, 2012
I live in an area with lots of snow fall, and cold weather, I know I would have to remove the roof but would I have to take the sides down during the winter months also?.
By Dawn H. on June 19, 2012

No, only the roof has to be removed.

By carol from myrtle beach, sc on September 5, 2012
Is this unit waterproof and does it need to be taken down every evening?

By Dawn H. on September 6, 2012

The top is waterproof, though rain can get through the screens. Rain gutters are required on the house above the Patio-Mate to prevent damage from excessive water accumulation.

You do not have to take it down every evening but it is not designed to support a snow load. You will need to remove the roof in the off-season. If severe winds or storms are forecast, removal of the roof from your Patio-Mate is also recommended.

By Wynonna from Birmingham, AL on October 15, 2012
Where are the doors? Can you get them in different locations?
By Magan B. on October 15, 2012

The doors may be moved to any side you desire.

By Janice from Palm Bay Fl. on January 7, 2013
I live in Florida, the sun is very strong. Is there something I could put on the roof so the sun doesn't dry it out? Also is it hurricane rated?

By Dawn H. on January 7, 2013

The manufacturer does not have any recommendations for anything to put on the roof and it is not hurricane rated.

By Janice from Palm Bay Fl. on January 19, 2013
Is this hurricane rated? I live in Florida.

By Dawn H. on January 21, 2013

No, it is not. They manufacturer even recommends removing the top if severe storms or snow is expected.

By John from Milwaukee area 53017 on February 4, 2013
What is the shipping size and weight for 8' 6" x 17" Patio-Mate screen enclosure? Can this ship UPS or Fedex?
By Dawn H. on February 4, 2013

The shipping weight is 178 pounds and the shipping size is 2.125 inches deep x 36 inches wide x 49.25 inches high. It cannot ship by UPS or FedEx. It must ship by truckline.

By Tony from Burlington Ontario Canada on February 6, 2013
Do you just sell the vinyl tops for the enclosures, my enclosure is10' by 20'.
By Dawn H. on February 7, 2013

I apologize but we do not currently carry the replacement tops.

By tammy from Gainesville, FL on February 25, 2013
How is this attached to the house? We have a vinyl sided home and would like to know prior to ordering.
By Magan B. on February 25, 2013

The structure will attach to the house using a series of U Channels and C channels, which you will secure to your house with screws through a furring strip.

You can find complete details in this instruction manual.

By Kirk from Elk Grove, CA on March 9, 2013
Does the screen room have to be attached to the house?
By Magan B. on March 11, 2013

Yes. For proper support and performance, the screen room will need to be attached to the house.

By Jean from Philadelphia, PA on March 8, 2013
What does "lift gate" mean?
By Magan B. on March 11, 2013

A lift gate is a hydraulic device that lowers the shipment from the back of a truck to the ground.

By Doug from OH on March 17, 2013
Can I get this for an RV?
By Dawn H. on March 18, 2013

These are designed to attach to your house only.

By Joe from Torrington, CT on March 18, 2013
Can the side with the shorter dimension be the one open to the slider? The deck we would use has the longer dimension running away from the house. The high side of the unit would have to attach on the left side as you step from the house into the unit through the slider. Also, what is the floor material if it has any?
By Magan B. on March 18, 2013

There is no floor. The door may be located on either side of the unit. They are constructed for the high side to attach to the house.

By Ann from Atco, NJ on March 25, 2013
What should we do if it's windy? Should we roll this up?
By Tommy H. on March 25, 2013

If severe winds or storms are forecast, removal of the roof from your Patio-Mate® is recommended. The walls do not roll up and are fixed in place.

By Pete from Peoria, IL on March 23, 2013
Do I need to buy anything else to put together this kit?
By Tommy H. on March 25, 2013

This is the entire kit. All you needs is tools required for installation:

Step Ladder
1/4" or 3/8" Electric Drill
5/32”, 3/32”, and 3/16” Drill Bits
2' or 4' Construction Level
Hacksaw (with fine tooth blade)
Flat Head Screwdriver
Philips Head Screwdriver
16' Steel Tape Measure
7/16" and 3/8” Open-End, Box-End, or Socket Wrenches
Wood Furring Strips

By Jackie from Saint Louis, MO on April 12, 2013
Do you need any kind of city permit for these since they are not permanent? How do they withstand wind? Can they handle heavy wind?
By Magan B. on April 15, 2013

You will need to check with your local building code about installing this item. Each location has different restrictions. You should remove the top in a heavy wind.

By John LaCurto from Amenia, N.Y. on April 15, 2013
we currently have the model 09365. wondering if we shorten screen room is it possible to get a custom roof made?

By Tim from Madison, WI on April 20, 2013
I want to install this under a sloping eave, leaving 84" of clearance. What is the height of the outside corner of the 7'8" by 15'5" unit, if the screen panels are 75" and the curved rafters add 6-8 inches?
By Dawn H. on April 23, 2013

The manufacturer answered that 88 inches is the minimum and that 93 inches is the highest. You choose the height you wish to place the roof channel..

By Julieta from OH on April 19, 2013
Is this a free standing patio screened enclosure ? What is the measurement?
By Tyler M. on April 19, 2013

No, it is not a freestanding enclosure; it is a three-sided enclosure that attaches to the home. There are several size options, which you can see in the drop-down menu below the pricing information on this page.

By Remi from Raymond, NH on April 28, 2013
Looking for enclosure that measures 8' wide x 17' 2''. Do you have any that particular size or close to it?
By Magan B. on April 29, 2013

We have 8'6" x 17'1' or 7'8" x 15'5".

By Judi from Charlestow NH on April 28, 2013
Do you have replacement doors?

By Magan B. on April 29, 2013

Please contact the manufacturer for parts. We sell only the complete units.

By Wayne from MD on May 8, 2013
Is it possible to attach the side frame of this screen to my house (over the far left door) and leave off the screen? Or would I just have to get it as close as I can and use one of the sliding doors on that side?
By Dawn H. on May 8, 2013

The side that attached to the house does not have a screen. As for the other side, you could either leave the screen off or position the door in the appropriate spot.

By Herbert from Freeport, ME on May 12, 2013
Approximately how much time would it take to remove the sides in the fall and replace them in the spring?
By Magan B. on May 13, 2013

Disassembly will depend upon one's skill level. Please refer to this manual which discusses the assembly of the complete unit. You will see the steps involved and judge the time based on your own ability.

By Mike from Franklin, MA on May 29, 2013
Can the doors be added to any of the corners on the Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure in 11'6" x 15'5"? Is it possible to purchase a third door?
By Magan B. on May 30, 2013

The doors may be moved to any side you desire. As we sell only the kits and not the parts, we are unable to supply additional doors. This door may be available from the manufacturer separately.

By Greg from Wind Gap, PA on June 13, 2013
I have 88 1/2" from my deck to the overhang above. Will the 19'-3" x 7'-8" enclosure fit this application? Will I still have enough pitch for water run off?
By Dawn H. on June 14, 2013

No, it will not fit your application. You must have at least 91” from the deck to the eaves of your house to install this enclosure.

By Bruce from MA on June 27, 2013
Does this item have three sliding doors? Where are the sliding doors located?
By Tommy H. on June 27, 2013

This has only one or two sliding doors depending on the size you purchase, and because of the modular nature of this product, you can locate the door/s anywhere you'd like.

By Susan from Mlton, VT on July 24, 2013
I have a 34' fifth wheel RV and would like a screen room which is bigger than the awning allows. Do you carry a 20 x 14 or 16 with sliding door option or two doors?
By Magan B. on July 25, 2013

These are designed to attach to a permanent fixed structure only. You may see the various sizes available by clicking the arrow under the "Choose Size:" area on the main item page. Depending on the size ordered, the unit will come with either 1 or 2 doors which may be positioned anywhere on the unit.

By Bill from Niles, Michigan on October 18, 2013
Could I get a special sized room built that is 10 feet wide by 8 feet long?
By Emily on October 18, 2013

The Patio-Mate we offer on our site is the only size we can provide you. We do not have customize enclosures available.

By Mark from West Bend on April 20, 2014
Do these enclosures come in heights less than 93.5 inches?
By Dawn H. on April 21, 2014

No, that is the shortest height.

By Mike from nh on April 19, 2014
What is the height of the 45" wide panels? I could not find that anywhere.
By Collin C. on April 21, 2014

Per the manufacturer, the individual panels are 75 inches in overall height.

By Leigh from Cedar Springs, MI on May 27, 2014
Are there any other color choices? My siding on my house is gray.
By Dawn H. on May 28, 2014

It is also available in a White/Gray combination but they do not offer as many size options for it.

By Amy from Massachusetts on July 22, 2014
Are the sizes given a true size?
By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on July 22, 2014

Yes, the sizes given are true sizes.

By Robyn from Sidney, MT on August 3, 2014
Will we be able to put this on a Trek deck?

By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on August 4, 2014

As long as you do not mind drilling into it for anchoring purposes, there are no prohibitions against using it on a Trek deck.

By Andrew from Bolton, ON on August 26, 2014
My deck has a large 45 degree angle cut off in one corner. Can you customize this product to suit my deck or can you recommend another product? My objective is to have shade and shelter from rain.

By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on August 26, 2014

Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized to fit your needs. You may be able to either purchase a smaller unit that avoids that area or consider a Retractable Awning as an alternate solution.

By Sylvain from Gatineau, Quebec, CAN on October 30, 2014
How many doors does a 7 x 19 patio mate have? Also, how much does it weigh?
By Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist on October 30, 2014

The Patio-Mate Screened Enclosure 7x19 has 2 doors. It measures out to 92 x 138 x 88 inches and weighs 151 pounds.

By Troy from MN on April 1, 2015
I have a concrete patio that slopes from the house for drainage. Does the surface for this screened enclosure have to be level?
By Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist on April 1, 2015

Per the manufacturer, it must be set up on a level surface.

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