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Hazel L. from 29432 asked:
Where can you get a light to hang up over the grill?
Where can you get a light to hang up over the grill?
We do not offer lights designed specifically to go over the grill. Our EZ-UP light package offers clips to attach to the frame, but that would be the closet we offer.
Answered by: Chaz A.


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About Canopy Lighting

We can all agree that parties and other functions are definitely not limited to daylight ours. Let's also agree that Dancing in the Dark is best left to The Boss and the E Street Band. For the rest of you looking to celebrate outdoors without worrying about the sun setting on you and your guests' good time, take a look at's wide variety of canopy lighting options.

Whether you just need a little mood lighting to keep the party going through the evening or you have a stage full of festivities to spotlight can help. We have canopy lamps, hanging light globes, colored LED lights, panel lights, and even control systems to keep your canopy properly lit for any occasion. Large canopies, small outdoor shelters, and everything in between can be outfitted for evening use with our array of lighting options.

Don't plan around time constraints when there are so many tasteful, powerful canopy lighting options available. Every occasion, every gathering, and every event has an ideal ambiance. Help make the mood and the surroundings everything they can be by using items from's canopy lighting section in conjunction with your favorite canopy.