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Mark from Snohomish, Washington asked:
Is there an advantage between a peak style versus a round style top?
Is there an advantage between a peak style versus a round style top?
It depends on the customer's needs. Some customers tend to prefer the round top if they live in a snow-filled area, since snow will fall off easier off of the round top.
Answered by: Chaz


Elvin from Walnut Creek, CA asked:
Do you make a 8x10  instant storage?
Do you make a 8x10 instant storage?
We do not offer an 8 x 10 instant storage shelter. We have the 6 x 10 or the 8 x 8 sizes.
Answered by: Magan B.


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About Equipment Storage Shelters

Valuable equipment deserves to be stored in the right equipment storage shelter. No more hogging up the garage or getting left out in the wind and rain - it's time to protect your equipment properly. Luckily, whether you have a boat or RV, a motorcycle or riding lawnmower, or even a car or truck eCanopy.com has the perfect equipment storage shelter for the job.

Our selection of top-quality equipment storage shelters is designed to address needs as common as a place to park the family sedan to specialized situations like run-in shelters for livestock. Livestock, of course, aren't exactly equipment, but you get the point. Whatever you have that needs a roof over it, you can find the perfect roof and more here at eCanopy.com. Equipment is expensive. Building a place to store equipment can be even more expensive. Maybe the worst of all, though, is having to replace equipment because you couldn't or didn't find the right place to store it. We don't want any of those to happen to you. At eCanopy.com we have tons of extremely practical, low-priced solutions to make finding the ideal equipment storage shelter for your needs fast, easy, and affordable.