Custom Graphics Options 101

So you've decided you need a custom canopy, and you're excited about what the benefits having such a thing will mean for your company. But wait! There are still decisions to be made. What kind of colors are available? What about accessories?

Are you going to need sidewalls? Or side rails? What about table covers? Flags? Banners? There are numerous options to choose from.

Custom Graphics Options 101

A Riot of Color

First and foremost, what colors are important to your brand?

Take eCanopy for example. Our company logo includes two shades of orange and black, which makes these the most important colors we can use. Since our logo icon is the two shades of orange, and we want them to readily be visible, we're going to choose a white surface to put our logo on.

Another example of colors that are important to your brand would be to look at the largest beverage companies in the world. Everyone knows Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. A canopy for each of these brands would be their trademark primary color: bright red for Coca-Cola, blue for Pepsi, and burgundy for Dr. Pepper. Each of the beverage companies each have text based logo versions that look fantastic in white on these colors. They also have what's called a "logomark" or "textmark" that would also look good surrounded by white on these colors.

When you order a custom item from eCanopy, we offer over sixteen colors of canopies for customization. A full rainbow of colors, plus several shades running from white to black as well.

Custom Graphics Options 101


Once you've determined what color your custom item will be, you'll need to identify which version of your logo needs to go on it. Are you going to use a single color version of your logo? Black or white? Depending on your color choice, both in material and logo, you may need to get your logo file out and throw an outline of either black or white.

Remember this is going to be how your customers will first see you and your brand at events. Your logo needs to start out with a high enough DPI and a large enough file size to stay crisp when it's enlarged for your custom canopy or accessories. And, it needs to have enough contrast with your chosen fabric color to be easily read from at least 50 feet away, and to be easily identified from about 100 feet.


Now, you've got your custom canopy plan. But there's even more options for you to make your canopy stand out!


If you need walls, or dividers to control how people access the space beneath your canopy, we offer both custom sidewall and custom side rail options. The image below features a back wall, which is commonly used to keep focus within the tent and prevents visitors from looking past your display.

Custom Graphics Options 101

You can put your logo on any one of these, all of them, or none of them, if you're so inclined. The sidewalls and side rails come in our entire spectrum of colors, allowing you to match your canopy top perfectly.


We also offer towering flags that can be seen over the heads of most crowds. There are some restrictions with the flags that you don't have with the canopies. You're limited to one of three primary shapes: sunblade, banner, and tear drop; and often one of three sizes — between 7 and 17 feet . However, these flags are portable, and easy to set up, allowing you to move them around during events to continue attracting customers to your brand.

Flags are available in a wide variety of colors, closely matching the selection that is offered with our custom canopies and sides. We also offer a large variety of anchoring options, from spikes to X-shaped bases, along with the weights you would need to make sure that your flag can withstand light winds.

Table Covers and Banners

We also offer table covers and smaller banners the same colors that we offer the canopies! These also can be customized with your logo or a catch phrase for your needs.

Custom Graphics Options 101

We have two styles of table covers: a fitted version, which will fit a specific sized table; and the draped version, which more closely resembles a traditional tablecloth. 

Customize Your Canopy Needs!

We've got Canopy Specialists, standing by Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm Central Time, who can be reached by phone at 1-800-445-5611, or by email using the email support button on our Contact Us page.

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Where can I go to look at the flags you offer for sale?
Where can I go to look at the flags you offer for sale?
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