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Jeff from Wallingfrd, CT asked:
Does 20 x 40 tents come with 1' or 2' gauge aluminum poles for the frame?
Does 20 x 40 tents come with 1' or 2' gauge aluminum poles for the frame?
Everything we carry that meets that description uses 2" poles.
Answered by: Tommy H.


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About Frame Tents

A great choice for permanent installations, frame tents have one obvious difference from their pole tent cousins: their method of roof support. Unlike pole tents which require a center pole to support their roofs, frame tents have been specifically designed to work without any intrusive central support. As a result, frame tents tend to have a more spacious feel and better layout flexibility. The same structural differences also make these frame tent shelters ideal for use in situations where staking isn't possible, such as an indoor marketing conventions or applications where your tent needs to be installed against another structure.

When considering getting a frame tent, however, there are a few things you should be aware of. In order to achieve the strength and versatility frame tents are known for, manufacturers must use specialized hardware. For the consumer this translates into a more involved set up, particularly with larger models. You'll also find that even with our low prices, frame tents are generally more expensive than pole tents.

The benefits you get in terms of stability, space, and security, though, are unbeatable. Maximized functional space, minimized hassle, and extreme value for your dollar are just a few of the benefits you'll find when you shop for the perfect frame tent here at eCanopy.com.