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    Parachute Canopies

    Nothing takes you back to your childhood faster than a parachute canopy. We've all played games with tons of kids gathered around a parachute canopy, each child taking turns raising and lowering the parachute or running underneath. The good news is that parachute canopies are still available. The really good news is that you can get one at for a lot less than you think.
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    While some toys keep getting more and more complicated with extra parts and more batteries, some kids' classics don't need to change. Your kids can have the same burst of fun you used to have inventing all sorts of creative ways to use your parachute canopy. Plus, parachute canopies are a great way to get your kids away from the TV and into playing outdoors.

    It may be difficult to compete with video games and MP3 players, but if you want to give your children some real fun that's still just the way you remember it, the parachute canopy is the perfect option. Get your kids playing the right way at and, who knows, maybe one day they might try playing with their friends before they check their email.
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