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About Pole Canopy Accessories

Pole canopies are about a whole lot more than throwing a canopy top over a couple of poles. Getting the most out of your pole canopy can often mean taking advantage of all of the high-quality add-ons and accessories available for modern pole canopies. Luckily, eCanopy.com offers not only the best selection of pole canopies anywhere, but we also have the latest accessories to personalize, repair, and maintain any pole canopy.

First of all, if you do need that replacement canopy top or pole, we have those at great prices. Additionally, though, we carry patch kits, storage bags, ratchet sets, and stake sets to take you from setup to breakdown with your pole canopy, help out with everything in between, and even take the headache out of canopy storage.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that purchasing a pole canopy is the only decision you need to make to pull of the perfect outdoor event. While it is the most important decision, sometimes it's the little things that make the difference between a good time and an unforgettable one. If the right pole canopy is the basis for a perfect gathering, then give your pole canopy the treatment it deserves by making eCanopy.com your destination for the latest and greatest pole canopy accessories.