E-Z Up Canopy Buyer's Guide

If you think of easy up, the E-Z UP company comes to mind. Tons of easy up canopy brands offer easy up tent construction. But, that's where E-Z UP canopy and E-Z UP tent comes in. E-Z UP tents span over 30 years. All easy ups produced by the E-Z UP brand have an E-Z UP product just for you.

EZ UP Canopies

This article will inform you about all things E-Z UP. You'll learn everything from the company history to product information so you can make an informed decision.

The E-Z UP name is apt; their canopies set up in seconds. No hassle, no fuss! To push that E-Z agenda even further, the company guarantees 100 percent satisfaction and free replacement parts.

That guarantee isn't even why E-Z UP is one of the most recognized canopy manufacturers around. Its award-winning customization options make E-Z UP the top choice for more than 55 brands. If you're ever out in the world and see a Chik-Fil-A, Red Cross, or Dish Network canopy, those are E-Z UP canopies. It's not just companies that have access to the custom options. You can turn raw images into high-quality art on your choice of E-Z UP product.

From the Beginning

In 1983, one man suffered through a blistering summer day in California with no shade. A short time later, he created the E-Z UP canopy company.

By the mid-'90s E-Z UP made their infamous peak-top canopy. Without a doubt, you can recognize these iconic canopies outside of strip-mall storefronts and bodegas across the country. For the next two decades, their innovation continued. The company not only introduced new products but also a plethora of customization options.

More than 30 years later, E-Z UP's commitment to quality and craftsmanship keeps them as a leader in the market.

The Products

E-Z UP has a lot to offer. From shelters and sidewalls to tables and chairs, E-Z UP has everything to keep you comfortable outside. But, what's so great about these products? How do they stand out? We'll tell you.

One important note - many E-Z UP products meet CPAI and NFPA fire-resistant certification requirements. While not all products meet these certifications, the products that do, feature this information in the description portion on the item page.


Shelters are perfect for any outdoor occasion. E-Z UP creates shelter canopies for specific purposes. Looking for a tailgating tent? Check their Team and Sports section. Working a boat show? Look no further than their Racing and Motorsports section. For real, they have shelters for any event.

One of E-Z UP's most sought after items is the 10 x 10 canopy. The two most popular of which are the E-Z UP Pyramid and the E-Z UP Vantage. The largest difference between the two is frame construction. The Pyramid sports a clear span center while the Vantage has a cross-truss design that gives the canopy extra strength and support. Both canopies are great for street vendors, days out on the beach, or a tailgate party before the big game.

EZ UP Canopies

EZ UP Canopies

With an easy setup in seconds and many styles, E-Z UP flags are one of the best ways to make an impression. Customize your banners with a logo that will stand out from 3 feet to 21 feet away.

EZ UP Canopies

These products enhance your shelter while also giving you an extra layer of protection. They are what they sound like, a wall. They go up and come off easily. These products also allow for custom logos for your business or organization. There is no shortage of how E-Z UP can craft a sidewall. You can do a half-wall that can cover the top or bottom. Or, you can add a full wall with a little opening to serve people anything from handcrafted products to food.

EZ UP Canopies

No shelter company would have a complete product line if they didn't offer umbrellas. E-Z UP crafts their umbrellas with the same care and dedication they do their shelters. Their umbrellas set up in seconds and come in a variety of sizes.

Tables and Chairs

Yes, E-Z UP has a line of tables and chairs. Yes, they are sturdy, portable, and long-lasting. E-Z UP makes these tables and chairs to withstand continued outdoor use and movement. Pack it up; set it up, and use it all day. Then, do it all over again.

EZ UP Canopies
Railskirts, Banners, Table Covers

E-Z UP's line of railskirts, banners, and table covers are great for any business. Make your brand pop with these items. You'll find many different sizes and shapes for each line of products. These products are some of the most customizable, printable, and portable in E-Z UP's line.

Stake Kits and Weight Bags

E-Z UP has a range of stake kits and weight bags to keep your shelter secure. The weight bags come in many different sizes, depending on the dimensions of your tent. The stake kits are great for grassy or dirt-covered areas.

EZ UP Canopies
Accessories and Parts

For the first year after buying, E-Z UP offers free replacement parts on certain brands of canopies. After that, if something goes missing or breaks, the company makes it easy to find and buy what you need. E-Z UPs parts finder page is a great tool to find the replacement parts you're looking for.

EZ UP Canopies

For those in the street vendor industry, one of the best selling accessories is the E-Z UP event light package. This can keep your little market or party going well after the sun has set. This portable light kit gives you up to 8 hours of light when used at 100 percent power and 16 hours of light at 50 percent. It comes with clips to easily attach anywhere on the tent and the light itself is rechargeable. When you buy an E-Z UP canopy put some serious thought into a light package so that backyard party doesn't have the end when the Moon comes out.

EZ UP Canopies


Want a tent with a picture of your dog on it? Need a banner with an embarrassing picture of your daughter? You can do that with the E-Z UP customization process. E-Z UP is an award-winning digital printing manufacturer.

They can print graphics on shelters, sidewalls, flags, banners, and more. Some of the world's biggest brands like McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, and others count on E-Z UP for their shelter needs. That should tell you how high-quality their prints are. Let's get into what you need to know about ordering custom graphics.

Color Options — There are so many colors to choose from, we can't list them all here. Just know that whatever color you need, they have it.

No Minimums — You can custom order as few or as many products you want in one order.

What can you customize? — You can customize shelters, sidewalls, flags, banners, table covers, and more.

Overnight Printing — If you needed it yesterday, E-Z UP offers overnight printing. This costs extra, but it gets your order out the door and on its way to you in 24 hours.

Add Your Own Artwork — Not interested in E-Z UP's choices? Make your own. E-Z UP offers an easy way to upload your custom graphics.

Custom Artwork Guidelines

Sending in your artwork for E-Z UP to print on a product of your choice is a solid idea. But, there are some rules you must follow to ensure you get the best quality product without incurring additional fees. A brief list of some general requirements is provided below, but for a list of specific guidelines, please click here.

  • For quicker turnaround times, submit customization graphics using one of the Perfect Graphics File Formats (i.e. Adobe Illustrator, PostScript, or Portable Document).
  • You may submit image files, but these take longer to process.
  • Use a compressed folder to submit multiple files at a time.
  • If your file size exceeds 30MB, you will need to submit your graphics using a CD, DVD, or flash drive labeled "Artwork" for processing.
  • You could incur extra fees for elaborate or poor-quality artwork, so make sure you understand and follow the customization guidelines.

For the best solution, be sure to get in touch with an E-Z UP representative to help you through the process.

Care and Maintenance

There are people out there using 20-year-old E-Z UP canopies. Not only is that a testament to their durability, but it also shows how proper care and maintenance can make a tent last.

EZ UP Canopies

Here are some tips to help your E-Z UP live a long and clean life.

  • When cleaning a sidewall, top, or table cover, use a mild soap and lots of water. It's best not to use detergent.
  • Treat the frame with silicone spray before and after use in wet or damp conditions. Remove the excess silicone residue before putting the top back on.
  • If the frame becomes loose, hand tighten the bolts. Do not overtighten, or you could break the trusses.
  • When storing or transporting your canopy, use a roller bag or cover bag. Taking the time to protect your canopy is excellent for long-term seasonal storage.
  • The top should stay on the frame during storage. But, if the top gets wet, let it dry out before storing it. Taking the time to dry out the top keeps mildew from building up.
  • Any time you set up your canopy, use stakes or weight bags to keep it secure.

Warranty Information

Warranty information can differ from product to product. This section will cover E-Z UP's warranties in broad terms. To find out specifics of your product's warranty, check the warranty information that comes with your E-Z UP item.

Depending on the product, E-Z UP provides warranty on each part of its Instant Shelter for one, three, five, or seven years after purchase. This warranty covers normal use. And, E-Z UP will repair or replace parts after its review and examination.

When returning an item, contact E-Z UP first. They will give you the proper information on the return process. You will have to pre-pay all shipping costs.

Just know, modifying the product will void the warranty. Damages caused by wind, rain, and other forces of nature are not covered. Neither is accidental or deliberate damage.

Again, this is some very general information on warranty basics. For more specific warranty information, look at the literature that comes with your product.

To submit a claim, fill out E-Z UP's warranty form here.

Summing Up E-Z UP!

E-Z UP is one of the most trusted brands in the canopy market. For more than 30 years, they have protected people and valuable belongings from the sun. The company helps small and huge brands market themselves across the globe. And, E-Z UP continues to innovate its products year after year. Along with all that, E-Z UP offers robust customization options and easy maintenance. It's no wonder this company is a top tier canopy manufacturer.

If you need more information on any aspect covered in this article, check out these helpful links. You'll also find other articles discussing canopies in a broader context.

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