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Fiberbuilt 7.5 Foot Hexagon Home Garden Tilt Umbrella with Vinyl Canopy

Fiberbuilt 7.5 Foot Hexagon Home Garden Tilt Umbrella with Vinyl Canopy

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Fiberbuilt
Fiberbuilt Part Numbers:



  • Size: 7.5 Foot(7GCRCB-T-Black, 7GCRCB-T-Beige)
  • Color: Beige(7GCRW-T-Beige, 7GCRCB-T-Beige), Black(7GCRW-T-Black, 7GCRCB-T-Black), Burgundy(7GCRW-T-Burgundy, 7GCRCB-T-Burgundy), Forest Green(7GCRW-T-Forest Green, 7GCRCB-T-Forest Green), Natural White(7GCRW-T-Natural, 7GCRCB-T-Natural), Navy Blue(7GCRW-T-Navy Blue, 7GCRCB-T-Navy Blue), Pacific Blue(7GCRW-T-Pacific Blue, 7GCRCB-T-Pacific Blue), Red(7GCRW-T-Red, 7GCRCB-T-Red), Teal(7GCRW-T-Teal, 7GCRCB-T-Teal), Yellow(7GCRW-T-Yellow, 7GCRCB-T-Yellow)
  • Shape: Hexagonal(7GCRCB-T-Black, 7GCRCB-T-Beige)
  • 6 - 3/8 Inch diameter light-duty, flexible fiberglass ribs with molded nylon joints, hubs and end tips
  • Anodized and powder coated poles finishes
  • Tilt option also available on some models
  • Crank and Push up lift mechanisms available
You'll find this light duty valance style umbrella a welcome addition to your space; the vinyl coated weave canopy adds a splash of unforgettable style which complements the pole utility quite nicely. Used for both in-table and freestanding configurations, the budget-friendly option is made to provide sustained shading comfort and is available in three powder coat finishes. Crank, push-up mechanisms can be made available, as well as tilt options for some models, enhancing the user-friendliness.