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Wildcat Mountain 3-Room Camping Tent - 15 X 12

Wildcat Mountain 3-Room Camping Tent - 15 X 12

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Product Details

Manufacturer: GigaTent
GigaTent Part Numbers: FT-004
Item Number: GGT-FT004
UPC: 815886010100


  • Large free standing 3 room tent
  • Sewn in divider with 2 large D-shaped doors
  • Front combo room has 2 large closable windows
  • Rear room can be divided using removable curtain
  • Rainfly has 4 large clear panels to allow light into the tent
  • Vertical walls give the tent an amazing amount of living space
  • Large windows combined with the mesh roof prevents condensation build-up
  • 2 cantilevered windows in side wall of rear room as well as 2 large windows in the rear wall
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Poles: 13
  • Season: 3
  • Pack size: 34" x 12"
  • Floor area: 180 sq ft
  • Stakes: (16) 9" plastic
  • Floor material: Polyethylene
  • Rooms: 3 (2 sleeping, 1 combo)
  • Pole material: Cable corded steel, fiberglass
  • Wall material: 190T polyester taffeta 600mm coating
  • Fly material: 190T polyester taffeta 1200mm coating
  • Netting material: 50D no-see-um mesh
  • Roof material: 50D no-see-um mesh
  • Minimum weight: 37 lbs 12 oz
  • Pack weight: 39 lbs 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 15' x 12'
  • Interior height: 86"
  • Eave height: 73"
  • Windows: 8
  • Doors: 2
The Wildcat Mountain Camping Tent is a large free standing 3 room tent. With its almost vertical walls, it has an amazing amount of leaving space inside. The front combo room has 2 large closable windows and can be used as a floored screen room or sleeping space. It is separate from the rear room b sown in divider with 2 large D shapes doors. The rear doors can be divided using a removable curtain. There are 2 cantilevered windows in the side walls in the rear room as well as 2 large windows in the rear wall the rainfly has 4 large clear panels to allow light in the tent. The large windows combined with the mesh roof prevent condensation build-up.

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Customer Q&A with Product Specialists

Angie from DC asked:
Is the roof of this tent see through so I can see the stars at night?
Is the roof of this tent see through so I can see the stars at night?
There is a rain fly that can be attached to this roof for inclement weather but the roof itself is a fine mesh screen that is see through.
Answered by: Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist


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Customer Reviews

Wildcat Mountain 3-Room Camping Tent - 15 X 12
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By Georgia L.

Horrible Materials

When first choosing to buy this tent, I was expecting it to be excellent. The manufacturer seems to try to supply experienced outdoor-people with a quality tent, but they definitely failed in that regard. When we received two tents that had the same problem with the seams coming away from the floor (one came that way and one got that way on the first trip with it) we realized that it was a manufacturing problem. The tents are just not as sturdy as they should be. The nylon feels very weak and leaks a lot (including the rain fly whose sole purpose is to stop rain), and the long and short support poles are exactly the same width. This means that the long poles were not able to support the weight of the tent (especially when wet) and eventually became so damaged, they were unusable. Even with the tent properly staked and assembled it still was not structurally sound.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Maximus N.

Poor Design, Get What You Pay For

When I first decided on this tent, I was hoping for something better. We go camping as a family and needed a tent that was spacious and liked the cabin design since we could have plenty of room to do whatever we needed. One big issue with this tent, if you are going to go camping in a place with wind, do not buy it. The poles were completely inadequate to hold up the tent in strong winds and we had to try to temporarily repair it with duct tape and other materials. Another issue is water. The rain fly does not do a good job of keeping water off of the sides of the tent, and some of the zippers can let water in when they are unzipped while wet. I would say the problems with this tent probably exist because of how big it is (cabin style tents are very large), and how hard it is to make a cabin style that doesn't get wet inside or collapse under heavy winds. If you are looking for a sturdy tent, definitely look elsewhere.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Jake E.

Excellent Customer Service, Needs Better Design

With a big family (that likes to go camping on the beach) we needed a tent that was durable and spacious. This tent ended up being both and had large mesh areas for great ventilation. The biggest problem I had with this tent, was the quality of the materials and design. The manufacturer uses materials in its large tents that are exactly the same as the small tents. Of course, this leads to support problems with the poles not being thick enough. Although the tent seemed sturdy enough when you got it together and properly staked down (definitely recommend two people for that), it was a pain to try to keep the poles from getting bent while setting up and tearing down. One of the poles came with a broken piece and two others had problems as well. The one reason I am sticking with this tent is because of the fantastic customer service from the manufacturer. When I got the parts replaced they instead sent me a brand new tent and were prompt with their service.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Jared C.

Don't Waste Your Money

I can't recommend this tent to anyone. After heavy use of my older Coleman tent, it was so threadbare that I needed a new one. On the first beach camping trip my husband and I were in the tent and the constant wind on the beach snapped both of the roof poles at once. We managed to use some duct tape to get the poles back together, but we had to try to use a broken tent for the last few days of our trip. When looking for a new tent I was hoping to get a good deal for cheap, but this tent is definitely not worth it. Just save your money and go find something better.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
4 Reviews
Showing 4 of 4 Customer Reviews
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