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KD Kanopy Starstage 550 Canopy Tent
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KD Kanopy Starstage 550 Canopy Tent

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Product Details

Manufacturer: KD Kanopy
KD Kanopy Part Numbers: ST550K-A
Item Number: KDK-ST550


  • Starstage star-shaped portable outdoor band-shell design canopy
  • Anodized aluminum frame construction with unique center pole tension design
  • Gliding fiber-reinforced Dynidiom joint fittings won't rub or bend
  • Tenacious Polyester canopy top is water resistant, fire retardant, and UV protected
  • Rust proof frame is 40% stronger and 25% lighter than other steel units
  • Sworf cut top adds tension for security and prevents water from settling
  • Extended canopy flaps add strength and stability in windy weather
  • Band-shell design provides quality acoustics and over 13-ft. high stage opening
  • Folds down into 3 carrying bags and fits in the trunk of most standard vehicles
  • Features 5 elegant arches and large open front area
  • Quickly sets up in approximately 20 minutes with 2 people
  • Outdoor only canopy requires 55-ft. diameter set up area
  • 90 suggested seating capacity with chairs only
  • Available in 10 bold colors
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty
  • (3) 50.25" Aluminum Poles
  • (1) 50.25" Telescopic Pole w/ Crank Assembly
  • (1) 50.25" Aluminum Pole w/ Dome Cap
  • (1) Polyester Canopy Top
  • (3) Carrying Bags
  • (7) Steel Spikes
  • (2) Anchor Plates
  • (1) Center Pole Plate
  • (1) Measuring Cable
  • (1) Stake Puller
  • (1) Assist Bar
  • Frame Size: 17.3' H x 550 Sq. Ft.
  • Frame Material: 16-Guage Aluminum
  • Canopy Material: 500 Denier Oxford Polyester
  • Open Front Height: 11.3'
  • Field Spikes: (7) 30" Steel
  • Peak Height: 20'6"
  • Arches: (4) 7.5'
  • 3 Box Shipment
Beach towels and folding lawn chairs don't have to be your only seating options for an outdoor concert. With a Starstage 550 Tent you can provide your guests with a comfortable and sophisticated viewing environment. Able to accommodate up to ninety seats, this unique star-shaped tent combines elegant style with practical features like an extra-large front opening to create a more luxurious entertainment experience. You could even add tables if you're interested in providing a mealtime show.

You may think that all tents are the same, but that's just because you've never used one made by KD Kanopy. Designed with your convenience in mind, this enclosure possesses reinforced joints for added longevity, a sloped peak to prevent water from pooling, and extended flaps to maintain stability even in high winds. And because this model is constructed with a high-quality aluminum frame and UV-resistant polyester, it has no trouble maintaining integrity over time. You'll be just as satisfied with your tent the fifteenth time you use it as you were the first.

Regardless of whether you're holding a small concert or just including a show as part of your outdoor event, the Starstage 550 Tent makes it simple to keep your audience comfortable. Set up is quick, storage requirements are minimal, and, above all, this tent can provide years of excellent service. Now if only the rest of the planning for your outdoor event were that straightforward.

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Customer Q&A with Product Specialists

Wild R. from montana asked:
I see that it is not wind rated but is there any data on how it holds up in the wind against a standard pole tent?
I see that it is not wind rated but is there any data on how it holds up in the wind against a standard pole tent?
The item is not tested at that level.
Answered by: Melanie C.


Brian N. from asked:
What is the center pole height?
What is the center pole height?
The peak height is 20'6".
Answered by: Melanie C.


Deborah D. from Hot Springs, NC asked:
Is this canopy tent for real 40' by 50' or am I reading that wrong?
Is this canopy tent for real 40' by 50' or am I reading that wrong?
Yes, the ground dimensions are 41' 4" long and 55' wide.
Answered by: Melanie C.


Jill from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC asked:
How does it hold up in strong winds?
How does it hold up in strong winds?
The item is not wind rated.
Answered by: Chaz A.


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KD Kanopy Starstage 550 Canopy Tent
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By Shoshanna

The Starstage is Spectacular!

We have been so delighted with the amazing engineering and design of this beautiful tent. It has so much "wow" factor, helps with the acoustics for bands/music, and is so very easy to set up and take down. This canopy is really so very well designed and we are very happy with our purchase.


Great design. The bags really do fit in a car (even my minivan) easily making it very transportable. It seems to take 2 taller/stronger people about 20 minutes for set up and for take down. Add a few more minutes / people for those who are smaller / shorter but it is still such a great design.


The only thing to consider is that the stakes do need to go their full length of 3' into the ground, so we are needing to be a little more careful of fields with irrigation systems than we had hoped to be, as those systems are just 2' down in our town. With careful planning, this shouldn't be a problem though. :-)
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