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Mystique 60 x 60  High Peak Tension Tent Mystique 60 x 60 High Peak Tension Tent
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Joanne from Port Aransas, TX asked:
What tent would you recommend for a wedding reception for 100 people on a beach?
What tent would you recommend for a wedding reception for 100 people on a beach?
This will depend upon the set up. You will need to determine following before we could make a recommendation: Will guests be seated in chairs or at tables? If at tables, what size the tables? Will there be a buffet, and what size will it be? How big of an area will the wedding area take up?
Answered by: Dawn H.


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About Tension Tents

Tension tents are yet another great product we get excited about at eCanopy.com. Tension tents provide our customers with a lot of things we really like. First and foremost, all of our tension tents are of the finest quality materials and construction available. They also work like a dream, they're really convenient and, of course, our tension tents are offered at prices you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Tension tents have a unique extra-high peak design that is fantastic for large gatherings, celebrations, or events. They don't require the weight or expense of the full frame that a lot of other tents require. As always, you can be sure that the eCanopy.com tension tent section is filled with every shape, size, color, and style of tension tent you'd ever need for any occasion - large or small.

These tents are great for families, for businesses, or for tent rental agencies who need maximum convenience and functionality at a low price. They're also ideal for people who just love a great tent at a great price. People in either category will be beyond pleased when they take a look at our broad selection of high-quality tension tents and our always low prices.