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    ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit - 23572

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    Product Details
    Ask a Canopy Specialist:
    Manufacturer: ShelterLogic
    ShelterLogic Part Number: 23572
    eCanopy Item Number: STL-23572
    UPC: 677599235726


    • 2-in-1 10' x 20' canopy with enclosure kit
    • Sturdy beam-welded 22 gauge, 2" diameter steel frame is field tested to withstand all but the most rigorous weather conditions
    • High grade steel frame goes through a 13 step Rhino Shield surface preparation process
    • Bonded with DuPont thermoset baked on powder-coated finish to eliminate any rust, weathering, chipping and peeling
    • Patented Twist-Tite technology tensioning system secures taut to pipes ensuring longer life and a wrinkle free look
    • Easy-Slide Cross Rail system clamps tight to square up, smooth out, and lock down shelters
    • Wide based foot pads on every leg ensure a dependable sturdy base and easy access to secure anchor points.
    • Fitted one piece full valance cover
    • Heat bonded, triple layer, polyethylene cover with enhanced weave to ensure its 100% waterproof
    • UV treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, anti-fungal agents
    • Totally tear resistant reinforced rip-stop cover
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    Enclosure Kit:

    • (2) 7' W x 20' L Side walls
    • (1) Fitted panel
    • (1) Double zippered panel


    • 10' W x 20' L x 9'3" H steel frame 
    • Full valance fitted cover
    • Enclosure kit
    • SL Bungee cords
    • (8) Foot plates
    • Temporary spike anchors
    • Easy step by step instructions
    • CPAI 84 Section 6 Compliant for FR Rating
    So you need a heavy-duty, field tested shelter you can depend on for years to come that won't require that you make a costly addition to your home. The answer? This Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit. It is everything you'd ever need in a canopy without sending you into debt.

    The durability comes from the sturdy beam-welded, 22 gauge, 2 in. diameter steel frame that goes through a 13 step Rhino Shield preparation process and is bonded with a DuPont thermoset baked-on finish. This increases the tent frame's strength and eliminates rust, weathering, chipping, or peeling. The one-piece, full valance cover is UV treated to prevent fading, aging, or fungus, it is totally tear resistant, and it is made of 100% waterproof polyethylene. The enclosure kit is make of the same material and includes two side panels, a fitted rear panel, and a double-zippered door panel to totally enclose the canopy.

    The cover twists tight to secure it to the frame wrinkle-free. The frame, in turn, clamps tight to ensure the canopy is square. The wide base foot pads at the bottom of each leg and the temporary anchors give you extra assurance that your Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit will stay where you want it for a long, long time.

    Temporary canopy or long-term shelter, the Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit can fulfill your needs. The easy set-up instructions don't allow you any excuse for not getting one. If you need a very tough canopy and don't want to spend a ton of time or money, the Shelter Logic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit is the perfect product.

    Customer Questions & Answers
    44 Questions & 45 Answers
    from Bridgewater, VA asked:
    September 13, 2017
    Can the sides be removed or rolled up?
    1 Answers
    The sides are removable.
    on September 13, 2017

    from Amburgey, KY asked:
    July 19, 2017
    Do they make sides with windows for this product?
    1 Answers
    They do not make sides with windows for the 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy.
    on July 20, 2017

    from Rye, NY asked:
    July 16, 2017
    We have a portable food pantry which runs 12 months of the year. We are looking for a canopy that is easy to set up by one or two people, We need to set it up and take it down. It needs to be durable and work in all kinds of weather. I don't know if this is the canopy. Is it a good fit?
    1 Answers
    This canopy is very durable and works in all weather conditions. However, it is not a canopy to put up and take down everyday. I recommend the CraftShow 10 x 10 It has easy set up. It comes with a set of weight bags and a stake kit with ropes for security. We do advise all customers that any weather related damages done to the merchandise are not covered under the warranty. This canopy is water resistant and fire retardant, but if this canopy is in the rain or etc., it can be destroyed.
    on July 17, 2017

    from Reno, NV asked:
    July 5, 2017
    I want to use this structure at a public event. Is there any fire-proofing applied to the fabric? If so, what fire safety standards does it meet?
    1 Answers
    This canopy has a fire certification, it's CPAI 84 Section 6 Compliant for FR Rating. Also, the certification should come sewn in for your convenience.
    on July 6, 2017

    from Grass Valley, CA asked:
    March 18, 2017
    What is the thickness of the covering?
    1 Answers
    Model 23572 is made from a 6.5 oz thick polyethylene.
    April L. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 24, 2017

    from Titusville, FL asked:
    February 18, 2017
    I need a place to store my lawn tractor and outdoor tools (shovels,rakes,etc.). Will the unit last for years while being up all year long? If not, what unit will?
    1 Answers
    Life expectancy will be different for each situation due to different climates and conditions.
    on February 20, 2017

    from Ft. Lauderdale, FL asked:
    January 5, 2017
    What is the door opening height?
    1 Answers
    The finished door size is a height of six feet five inches.
    on January 5, 2017

    from Portland, OR asked:
    January 1, 2017
    We have very uneven terrain. Are the legs adjustable?
    1 Answers
    I apologize, the legs for this unit are not adjustable.
    on January 2, 2017

    from CA asked:
    December 16, 2016
    I live in an extremely hot area. Is this shelter UV resistant? If not, do you have a shelter that is UV resistant? I want to protect my new truck. Thank you.
    1 Answers
    The full valance cover is UV treated to prevent fading, aging, or fungus; it is totally tear-resistant. And it is made of 100% waterproof polyethylene.
    on December 19, 2016

    from PA asked:
    November 16, 2016
    Do both the front and back open? If not, can the non-opening back be replaced with a panel that does open?
    1 Answers
    The rear panel is solid. This until can be assembled leaving the end panels off, but a zippered end panel is not available for sale individually.
    on November 17, 2016

    from FL asked:
    October 23, 2016
    Does this open on the other end so you can "drive-thru?" Is there a warranty?
    1 Answers
    The product has a 1 year warranty, but unfortunately, it only opens on the front end.
    on October 24, 2016

    from NY asked:
    October 13, 2016
    What is the warranty on the cover and the thickness?
    1 Answers
    The cover has a 1 year manufacturers warranty. The manufacturer of this product did not provide a thickness for the cover, but they do let you know it is a heat bonded, triple layer, polyethylene cover with enhanced weave to ensure it's 100% waterproof.
    on October 13, 2016

    from Stuarts Draft, VA asked:
    October 1, 2016
    I know it's 10 ft wide and 20 ft long. What is the height of this unit? Thank you.
    1 Answers
    Thank you for your inquiry. The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit - 23572 has a side height of 6 feet 3 inches, the over all height is 9 feet 6 inches.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on October 3, 2016

    from Watsonville, CA asked:
    September 22, 2016
    Does this keep cool inside or keep heat out?
    1 Answers
    Thank you for your inquiry. The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit will only provide shade. This unit will not keep items from being cold or hot as this is not a insulated unit, so you would need to use a fan to keep cold or a light to keep warm. Please do not let any heating device to come into contact with the fabric.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on September 23, 2016

    from CO asked:
    July 18, 2016
    Getting your product back out, after some time, and do not have the instructions. Is there a link to download the instructions for ShelterLogic Model 25775?
    1 Answers
    Please note that the part number you've provided is for the ShelterLogic White Enclosure Kit for 10 x 20 Canopy - 1-3/8" Frame - 25775 and the instructions for this are available here. If you are in need of instructions for the actual tent itself, these instructions are available here.
    Will M. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on July 19, 2016

    from Woodburn, OR asked:
    June 27, 2016
    How much does this product weigh and do the steel frames break down into small sections?
    1 Answers
    This weighs 161 pounds, and the frame does indeed break down.
    Brennan W. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 28, 2016

    from Massachusetts asked:
    June 22, 2016
    How does this stand up to the snow and ice?
    1 Answers
    This model carries no snow load rating, as such, any accumulation would need to be removed so as to not cause damage to the top or the frame alike. For areas that experience harsher winters and heavy snowfall, I would suggest a model such as the Shelterlogic 12x20x11 ShelterTube. This model has been tested to 80 mile per winds, as well as being able to support a snow load at 43 pounds per square foot.
    Chris C. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 23, 2016

    from Detroit, MI asked:
    June 16, 2016
    Can you put up one or two sidewalls or do you have to put up all sidewalls?
    1 Answers
    The sidewalls can be attached independently of each other.
    on June 17, 2016

    from Grand Rapids, MI asked:
    April 2, 2016
    Does this model come in tan?
    1 Answers
    Unfortunately, no. The manufacturer only offers this model in white.
    Collin C.
    on April 4, 2016

    from Alberta asked:
    March 21, 2016
    Do you sell the cover for the 10 x 20 commercial grade 8 carport separately from the frame?
    1 Answers
    The replacement cover for this shelter can be found here: ShelterLogic White Replacement Cover for 10 x 20 Canopy - 2" Frame - 11072
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 21, 2016

    from Texas asked:
    February 18, 2016
    Can this be enclosed on all 4 sides?
    1 Answers
    This unit comes with an enclosure kit which includes closed side panels for the sides and back and the front has a zippered door. Once the door is brought down and zipped close, the unit is enclosed on all four sides. This would be the only enclosure kit we would offer for this unit.
    on February 18, 2016

    from Cascade Locks, OR asked:
    November 26, 2015
    Can I order a replacement enclosure kit for this ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max commercial grade 8 leg canopy shelter?
    1 Answers
    Thank you for your inquiry. Please use the link below to view the enclosure kit for the ShelterLogic 2" diameter frame. ShelterLogic White Enclosure Kit for 10x20 Canopy - 2" Frame - 25875
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on November 27, 2015

    from St Leonard, MD asked:
    October 19, 2015
    How does this ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max commercial grade 8 leg canopy shelter with enclosure kit do with snow?
    1 Answers
    Thank you for your inquiry. The ShelterLogic 10 x 20 Super Max Commercial Grade 8 Leg Canopy Shelter with Enclosure Kit - 23572 does not have a snow load rating. Please use the link below to view the Sheltertubes by ShelterLogic that feature the snow load rating. Shelterlogic 12x20x11 ShelterTube Snow Load Rated Shelter - Gray
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on October 19, 2015

    from McLean, VA asked:
    January 31, 2015
    What are the shipping dimensions and weight of this canopy?
    1 Answers
    The 10x20 unit is shipped in a box that measures 16" x 12" x 36" and the weight is 160lbs.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on February 2, 2015

    from McLean, VA asked:
    January 29, 2015
    We would like to order 2 of these canopy shelters but we have a bit of a dilemma. There is a high likelihood of no one being home for the delivery unless a specific time can be arranged so that we can meet the truck. Is it possible to schedule a specific date and time for the truck delivery at our home?
    1 Answers
    This particular item ships freight. This means that the freight carrier will call once they have arrived at the terminal nearest your location to set up an appointment for delivery.
    Will M. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on January 29, 2015

    from Rocky Point, NC asked:
    November 9, 2014
    What is the width of the door opening?
    1 Answers
    The finished door size is 8.5' W x 6.5' H.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on November 10, 2014

    from Baldwinsville, NY asked:
    August 6, 2014
    Does this come in gray?
    1 Answers
    No, it only comes in white.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on August 6, 2014

    from Washington asked:
    July 20, 2014
    Is the inside (pole to pole) dimension 10' or is it 10' outside pole to pole? Also, what is the height of the sides?
    1 Answers
    Per the manufacturer, the 10 foot measurement is the outside dimension. The side pole height is 6'-3".
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on July 21, 2014

    from Denver, CO asked:
    July 1, 2014
    Is there a wind rating on these canopies? I'm looking for a sturdy cover for commercial use in a high traffic/ wind shear area.
    1 Answers
    Thank you for your inquiry. We do not have a wind rating for the ShelterLogic 10x20 Supermax shelter. The ShelterTube units are the only shelters with a wind or snow load rating.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on July 1, 2014

    from CT asked:
    June 14, 2014
    How do the pieces fit together? Are they just "friction fit" or are they bolted together?
    2 Answers
    The poles are attached using pins and rings. Please see the Assembly Manual for the full assembly instructions.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 16, 2014
    Pins and rings. You insert the pin through matching holes and the ring goes through a hole in the pin to keep it from sliding out. There are 12 pins -- a long one for each leg, and 4 short ones that secure the inner legs to the roof. The corner legs attach to the roof with bungees. TBH the rings are kind of a pain. It is kind of like putting a key on a key ring, but there is very little space for finger maneuvers. I actually used some heavy duty zip ties.
    on June 24, 2014
    from MA

    from Jefferson, OR asked:
    January 10, 2014
    How does this shelter stand up to wind gusts? What is it's wind rating?
    1 Answers
    This unit does not have a wind rating. The ShelterTube units are the only units that ShelterLogic manufacturers with a wind/snow load rating. Please use the link below to view one of the ShelterTube units. Shelterlogic 12x20x11 ShelterTube
    on January 10, 2014

    from CO asked:
    December 6, 2013
    How high is this?
    1 Answers
    The opening height is 6'3", the overall height is 9' 6".
    on December 6, 2013

    from NH asked:
    November 22, 2013
    What are the dimensions of the finished opening to this canopy?
    1 Answers
    The door opening is 9' x 6'3. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    on November 22, 2013

    from Fairland, IN asked:
    November 6, 2013
    How wide is the zippered door opening? If the unit is 10 ft wide, it looks like the actual door opening is less.
    1 Answers
    The door opening is 9' x 6'3. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    on November 7, 2013

    from Perham, Minnesota asked:
    September 17, 2013
    I'm looking for a shelter for my pontoon boat for the winter in Minnesota. Snow drifts can be high. What do you recommend?
    1 Answers
    For snow protection, we recommend the Shelterlogic 12x30x11 ShelterTube Snow Load Rated Shelter. However, you will want to make sure this is the right size for you.
    Tommy H.
    on September 17, 2013

    from San Jose, California asked:
    August 29, 2013
    Can you please advise the thickness of the canopy top?
    1 Answers
    The top is 5.5 oz or 13 mil.
    Dawn H.
    on August 30, 2013

    from Sudbury, OH asked:
    March 12, 2013
    What are the legs and frame made of? Do you have any 10X20 with a heavy plastic frame?
    1 Answers
    The 2" diameter frame is made of sturdy, beam-welded 22 gauge steel. We do not carry a plastic frame tent.
    Magan B.
    on March 12, 2013

    from Denton, Texas asked:
    November 29, 2012
    What is the shipping weight of this item?
    1 Answers
    The manufacturer states the shipping weight is 161 pounds.
    Dawn H.
    on November 29, 2012

    Jim Colaianne
    from Pittsburgh asked:
    November 11, 2012
    Are there "doors" at one or both ends that allow closure of all four sides? I'm also looking for outside storage that will allow me to place garage overflow and stand up to Pittsburgh's winter until I get garage built. Please provide your recommendations.
    1 Answers
    There is one (1) double zippered panel on this item. There are two (2) 7' W x 20' L side walls and one (1) fitted panel for the opposite end. This item is not snow load rated. For a complete list of our snow load rated shelters, please enter keyword "snow" into the search box on our site.
    Magan B.
    on November 12, 2012

    William Beaton
    from Manchester, NH asked:
    September 23, 2012
    Does this canopy come in a 24' length?
    1 Answers
    The SuperMax is not available in a 24' length, but it is available in a 26' length.
    Magan B.
    on September 24, 2012

    Greg Leavitt
    from Maine asked:
    September 3, 2012
    We live in Maine and were wondering how this would hold up during the winter. We can get 8"- 12" of snow overnight sometimes.
    1 Answers
    While these are very durable shelters, they are only temporary shelters and not rated for snow or to hold a significant snow load. If you leave this shelter up during a snowstorm, it may become damaged.
    Tommy H.
    on September 4, 2012

    Larry Skeen
    from Dothan, Al asked:
    July 17, 2012
    Is the top frame a scissor joint or one that requires assembly?
    1 Answers
    It requires assembly. The type of canopy you are looking for is called a pop up canopy. Our pop up canopies can be viewed here.
    Dawn H.
    on July 17, 2012

    from midpinse ca asked:
    June 10, 2012
    I don't need the frame i just need the surroundings.
    1 Answers
    You can find the enclosure kit at the following link: 10 x 20 Shelter Logic Enclosure Kit
    Dawn H.
    on June 11, 2012

    from Morenci mi asked:
    May 15, 2012
    Is a replacement top canvas available for this canopy? Price? Need the plastic feet for the support poles and the hold down ropes. The poles and sides and the ends are all like new top leaks like a sieve. Love it, use it a lot just need the top replaced.
    1 Answers
    Yes, we do have the replacement top for that. You can find it at the following link: 10 x 20 Shelter Logic Replacement Top for 2" Frame We do not sell the the replacement feet. Please clarify what you are referring to as the hold down ropes and we will be happy to help.
    Dawn H.
    on May 15, 2012

    Customer Reviews
    11 Reviews
    91% (10)
    9% (1)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    0% (0)
    100% Recommend this product (11 of 11 responses)
    By Stacey from NH on August 17, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Tent Review
    I loved the quick service when the tent arrived. Customer service was great when ordering.
    By Tim from NE on August 17, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Very Satisfied
    Well built. Easy to assemble.
    By ScoopsHDdeals from Deming, NM on February 1, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Fantastic Vendor Tent
    Delivery was great and delivery man opened up box that had popped open to review all parts in tact-this was not ecanopy's fault, but that of Fed-Ex. Appreciate the numbering on all the parts. Easy to put up and take down. Canvas is of high quality. Plenty of bungie balls provided. Feet for legs are of high quality molded plastic. Only complaint, is there weren't enough pins to secure all openings at join connections; which caused us to go to hardware store and spend additional funds to finish putting together the tent.
    ProsWonderful height of ceiling. Middle legs enable walls to be secured and held down. Canopy top has roped hemmed along sides, to create less give, thus making top tightly fitted to frame. Metal framing and legs are sturdy metal. Bungie Balls are of high quality.
    ConsNot enough pins for all joint holes.
    By Albert from Chester on August 18, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    So far, so good
    We purchased this canopy to use at the Talladega SuperSpeedway Spring 2017 races. In past seasons, we have experienced rain/wind storms that nearly took out our tent accommodations both times. Since we are hoping our grown children and the grandchildren will be joining us, we wanted to be sure we would stay dry. It is summer here in Montana and we set the canopy up at the lake with just the top on because it was very windy. The top held up well for one weekend, and we hope to try it with the sidewalls this weekend. We are confident it will work just fine. We have color-coded all the connections with colored electrical tape, and will also buy more pins for where we can put them, even though they MAY not be necessary. But we're not taking any chances! Maybe we should write another review after Talladega 2017. :(
    By Lee L'Ecuyer from Kensington NH on October 9, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy, well built & affordable
    Well worth the investment. Structurally strong with the 2" frame. Took 2 hours to assemble my 1020 eCanopy with 2 people. Delivery was way quicker than they said which works for me. I would strongly recommend this product.
    ProsEasy assembly Quick delivery Plenty of room inside
    ConsNo complaints
    By Vincent from Donalsonville, GA on August 30, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    great product overall
    Canopy arrived via freight truck in busted box. I refused the delivery and sent photos. Customer service was great and sent out a new canopy in a cpl days via FedEx. Arrived in good shape this time. Wife and I set it up in about an hour. A few poles had crimped ends but that was an easy fix with a pair of vise grips. Setup was a breeze. I wish the fabric was a little thicker but all in all..not bad and better than most. The biggest area for improvement would be to include a durable fiberboard case similar to drum hardware cases. You have to store it in something so a case and thicker fabric would definitely make it a 5 star product
    ProsDurable fabric Tough quality finished poles Large diameter poles Extensive set of cords Easy to setup
    ConsNo case Ships in cardboard
    By Marty Murray from Milwaukee, WI on December 31, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Best Canopy I have ever Bought!
    I bought this product last year for a " pit enclosure" for my son's Kart Racing and it has exceeded my expectations. This canopy was grear in bad weather and is fairly easy to put up and take down. Awesome product! Over the last 10 yrs I have bought a few canopies, and this is by far the best!
    ProsEasy to put up and take down Great in bad weather, high winds, rain.
    ConsThe only complaint I have is how much it weighs, but thats not a real complaint!
    By Lorna from Lake County California on March 13, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Love it !!
    Awesome service and delivery. Love my canopy!
    Pros Easy to put together and anchor down! ( once we made the trip to the hardware store for the pins for the frame ).
    ConsNot enough pins to put frame together- ONLY 6!!
    By Hoby from Englishtown NJ on January 26, 2014
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Strong Canopy Easy for two to Erect Very solid
    Put the roof and sides up in two hours had to build a floor so left the ends off. Finished the floor put my 1958 tr3 and tools inside. Hooked up some electric and was able to work on my car during a snow storm. Kept the snow off the roof and it held up fine with 16 inches coming down. There a less expensive one of these but with the 2 inch pipe it seems well worthwhile. Would recommend this two anyone who wants more than a temporary shelter.
    ProsStrong, Easy assembly
    By Sara @ Tie Dye By Sara from Roseburg, Oregon on April 29, 2012
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I'll get another of these, IF this one ever wears out!
    I ordered it online and it came via freight truck to the end of my road, where the driver and I loaded it into the back of my pickup. It is a great tent. We sell tie dye during the summer at festivals and it has been so reliable. This will be our fourth year with it. I love the sun shelter it provides. It has saved me more than once from heat stroke in the middle of the huge open fields where our festivals are often held. (I got sick the year before I got this, because my previous set up didn't provide more than a thick mesh for cover from rain and sun. It holds up to light wind gusts of about 10-15 mph which completely twisted my previous shelters into knots. It is completely rain proof! The only way we've gotten wet was when the overhang blew up during an unexpected shower and a tiny bit of rain snuck in, not the downpour that swamped everyone else. We were nice and dry! Not any of that "seep through" like my fellow vendors got with their store bought accordion style pop-ups. Patrons actually came in to our booth to get out of the rain. :)
    ProsRain proof, sun proof and so sturdy!
    ConsI do wish the side walls had more give. We can set it up with the walls on and when we go to put them back up at night, they almost seem to have shrunk and have to be pulled on hard to get to meet the corners again. (We use 2 out of the 4 walls during the day.)
    By Glenn from Kelso Wa. on October 15, 2011
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    10x20 super max commercial grade 2'', 8 leg canopy with enclosure kit
    Placed my order on line received item in 5 days. Due to delivery times someone had to be home to sign for it . It arrived in good condition. Had it up and in use in a little over 2 hrs.
    Prosfair price,easy to install,full length legs
    Consdelivery came by semi-truck and I live on a long gravel driveway with limited turn around ! It all worked out.
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