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    Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade Canopy Value Package + 4 Sidewalls

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    Product Details
    Ask a Canopy Specialist:
    Manufacturer: Caravan Canopy
    Caravan Canopy Part Numbers: 21003305020, 21003305040, 21003305030, 21003306010
    eCanopy Item Number: CAR-61009C
    UPCs: 689215370124


    • 10' x 10' lightweight steel frame, with a white hammertone finish and a seven-foot tall clearance - the industry's highest!
    • Pebble powder coating for superior rust resistance
    • Pull pin technology easily deploys the frame in seconds
    • CPAI-84 fire resistant 500-denier polyester canopy cover(the White top is 600-denier)
    • Blocks 100% of sun's ultraviolet rays
    • Canopy cover available in white
    • Standard colors are red, blue, and green
    • Additional custom colors also available (extra fees apply; please allow extra 2-3 days processing time): beige, black, brown, burgundy, forest green, gold, gray, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, sky blue, turquoise, and yellow
    • Two-year, limited manufacturer's warranty
    • Total package weight: 68 pounds

    This value package also includes:

    • Four Poly-Taft Sidewalls (White only)
    • Stake kit with ropes
    • Deluxe roller bag carrying case
    It's no wonder the Caravan 10' x 10' DisplayShade Canopy Value Package consistently ranks as one of our most popular canopy deals. Made from Caravan's best materials using only its highest-quality engineering, the DisplayShade's pebble powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame boasts a soaring 7-foot high headroom clearance - the highest in the industry! And offering the finest in coverage from both sun and rain, the professional-grade 500-denier polyester top is treated to resist both fire (with its CPAI-84 compliance) as well as 100% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.

    Set up takes just seconds, too, thanks to Caravan's exclusive pull-pin technology. Simply hold one end of the frame and pull - the frame expands, stretches and aligns itself properly, with only a minimum of strength or effort needed on your part.

    As part of this incredible value package, you also receive four Velcro loop white poly-taft sidewalls, a stake kit with ropes for added stability, and a deluxe roller bag carrying case. The canopy even comes with a two-year, limited manufacturer's warranty! The total package weighs just 68 pounds, making it easy for one or two people to take anywhere.

    Canopy color available in white as part of the package. Red, blue, and green canopy top covers are available at an additional charge. A variety of custom colors are also available (please allow two to three days processing time; additional charges also apply.) Custom colors include beige, black, brown, burgundy, camouflage, forest green, gold, gray, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, sky blue, turquoise, and yellow.

    Canopy Setup and Takedown In Under 2 Minutes - Caravan Canopies are some of the easiest in the world for setup and takedown. This video shows just how easy it is, and how quickly it can be done. Go to eCa...

    * Flame Certification: This item is CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified.

    * Please Note: Sidewalls come in White ONLY with this unit. Please Choose Canopy Top Color.

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Diethylhexyl Phthalate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

    Customer Questions & Answers
    50 Questions & 79 Answers
    from College Park, MD asked:
    August 3, 2018
    Are the side walls also nfpa701 certified?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, the side walls for this canopy are not flame certified.
    Tinisha H.
    on August 3, 2018

    from Philadelphia, PA asked:
    June 18, 2018
    What are the dimensions of the canopy when in the rolling bag?.
    1 Answer
    The 10 x 10 Displayshade canopy is 61.5" x 8" x 8" and 62" x 9" x 9" are the dimensions when it is folded in the carry bag.
    Sarah B.
    on June 19, 2018

    from McKinney, TX asked:
    May 15, 2018
    Can one person put this up?
    1 Answer
    The design goal of any pop-up or instant canopy is for it to be easily erected by 1 or 2 people. This Displayshade lightweight steel model from Caravan is one of our store's most popular choices for people looking for both easy setup and commercial durability.
    Cortney O.
    on May 16, 2018

    Mary M
    from Elmira Hts, NY asked:
    May 14, 2018
    Is this fire retardant?
    1 Answer
    Yes, this is CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified.
    Tyler M. - eCanopy Product Specialist M.
    on May 14, 2018

    from Housatonic, MA asked:
    April 12, 2018
    Can the walls on the caravan be all the way up or all the way down or is it only the entry that is flexible?
    1 Answer
    Caravan brand walls attach to their canopy frames using fabric and velcro loops so you can put them up or take them down as you desire.
    Cortney O.
    on April 13, 2018

    Robert S
    from Seattle, WA asked:
    February 22, 2018
    What is the difference between the Display Shade Canopy Value Pkg. and the Classic Comm'l Grade Value Pkg?
    1 Answer
    The Displayshade is considered lightweight but sturdy at 68 pounds, while the Caravan Classic is commercial grade and heavier at 80 pounds. Thank you for your inquiry.
    on February 22, 2018

    Kim A
    from Stanwood, MI asked:
    January 17, 2018
    Is there a zipper in one of the sidewalls for an "entrance"? Also, can the sidewalls be adjusted as to length for ventilation on hot days? And is the roller bag included?
    1 Answer
    There is a zipper on the entrance panel. The roller bag is indeed included. As for adjusting the side panels, you could feasibly do so, but they are not made to be adjustable.
    on January 17, 2018

    Lauri B
    from Blue Springs , NE asked:
    January 5, 2018
    What is the actual dimension of the tubing used for the legs? How heavy are the legs?
    1 Answer
    The legs are powder coated steel and they are 1 1/4 diameter. The frame weighs 45 pounds.
    on January 8, 2018

    from Brenham, TX asked:
    September 5, 2017
    Does this canopy have the NFPA-701 certification sewn into the canopy?
    1 Answer
    This item is CPAI-84 Flame Certified and NFPA-701 Flame Certified and the certification is sewn onto the top itself.
    on September 5, 2017

    from FL asked:
    August 12, 2017
    What are the dimensions of the roller bag?
    1 Answer
    The dimensions are 64 x 9 x 9.
    on August 14, 2017

    from Newton, KS asked:
    August 9, 2017
    I met a vendor at a local event who has a Caravan Classic Canopy and he told me his center peak pole had an adjustment on it to tighten the top. I do not see that feature listed. Is it available on this model?
    1 Answer
    This model does have an adjustable center peak pole, but it is recommended to always have it at the highest mark so that the canopy top will stay taut.
    Kelsey C. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on August 9, 2017

    from NY asked:
    July 3, 2017
    Is there a special water-proofing product recommended for this tent?
    1 Answer
    While this could be water proofed using a product like Scotch Guard, please note that doing so would void the canopy's flame certification.
    Brennan W. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on July 3, 2017

    from NJ asked:
    June 6, 2017
    I noticed on a Caravan Canopy that there were eyelets on either side to secure a banner, are they available on this item?
    1 Answer
    This is not available with grommets.
    on June 6, 2017

    from NJ asked:
    May 6, 2017
    What is the best way to weigh this down on concrete?
    1 Answer
    We sell weight bags that attach to the legs. Universal Canopy Weight Bags - Set of Four
    on May 8, 2017

    from Chicago, IL asked:
    April 20, 2017
    Does one of the 4 sidewalls have a center zipper?
    1 Answer
    These walls do attach together with a zipper, but this does not come with a middle zipper. If you need a middle zipper sidewall, please click here.
    on April 20, 2017

    from CA asked:
    April 4, 2017
    What's the maximum height to which this can be raised?
    1 Answer
    The maximum headroom or valance height is 7'. The peak height (to the very top of the canopy top) is 11".
    on April 4, 2017

    from CA asked:
    February 22, 2017
    Is this canopy water-resistant with UV protection?
    1 Answer
    This canopy blocks 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays and is water-resistant.
    on February 23, 2017

    from Tucson, AZ asked:
    October 26, 2016
    What is the height of the side walls?
    1 Answer
    The sidewalls are 93" in height.
    on October 26, 2016

    from Townsend, TN asked:
    October 18, 2016
    Is there a video online that demonstrates how to set up?
    1 Answer
    on October 19, 2016

    from TX asked:
    October 10, 2016
    What is the size of the corner leg?
    1 Answer
    That unit has a 1 3/8" frame.
    Kelsey C. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on October 11, 2016

    from Orange County, CA asked:
    September 9, 2016
    How much weight can the frame support without the possibility of tipping or collapsing?
    1 Answer
    The manufacturer does not provide this information as it is not recommended to hang anything from the truss bars. Any damage resulting from adding weight to the truss system will not be covered under warranty.
    Will M. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on September 9, 2016

    from FL asked:
    August 12, 2016
    Is this canopy water resistant as well?
    4 Answers
    The Displayshade Canopy is indeed water resistant, but not waterproof. The canopy top will withstand a passing shower, but once the top becomes saturated, you may begin to experience drips from the canopy seams.
    Chris C. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on August 12, 2016
    I've had mine out in some fairly hard rain and it hasn't leaked at all.
    on August 12, 2016
    from CO
    I've not gotten wet yet and neither have my materials.
    on August 12, 2016
    from Deland, FL
    Yes, water resistant. I stay completely dry under this during a downpour.
    on August 17, 2016
    from Cleveland, OH

    from Milford, MI asked:
    August 12, 2016
    Are the sides for this canopy detachable and can you use one side at a time or all of them together?
    3 Answers
    The sidewalls included with the package deals are detachable allowing several configurations. You can indeed use one wall to create a back drop, as each wall can be used independently.
    Chris C. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on August 12, 2016
    The sides attach individually and zip together on the corners and I think one side zips together in the middle so you can use as the front and easily open and close. Mine is not printed on the top. There is one that comes with a sleeve to insert your own banner on the front side only,
    on August 12, 2016
    from Barnesville, GA
    They are individual and can be used all together or separately.
    on August 12, 2016
    from FL

    from WA asked:
    July 17, 2016
    Can I get steel interior framing?
    1 Answer
    The scissor truss frame used with this item is manufactured from steel as a standard feature.
    Collin C.
    on July 18, 2016

    from OH asked:
    June 14, 2016
    Can we purchase the frame only? Ours was damaged by wind.
    1 Answer
    The frame is indeed available for purchase by itself. That item is the Caravan DisplayShade 10'x10' Canopy Frame.
    Collin C.
    on June 15, 2016

    from District Of Columbia asked:
    June 10, 2016
    Exactly how far apart are the legs?
    1 Answer
    The outside dimensions of the legs when set up are 10' x 10'.
    on June 10, 2016

    from Chicago, IL asked:
    June 9, 2016
    What is the total height of this canopy package deal?
    1 Answer
    When set up, the peak height is 11'.
    Will M. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 10, 2016

    from Staten Island, NY asked:
    May 30, 2016
    I would like to keep it up on my deck during the summer. Is there a chance it will collapse in a down pour of heavy rain?
    1 Answer
    These canopies are recommended to be taken down fully after each use. Yes, they may become damaged by the rain and weather related damages are not covered under the manufacturers warranty.
    on May 31, 2016

    from SD asked:
    May 12, 2016
    How long is the piece that comes down on the canopy cover? What is that called?
    1 Answer
    The part which extends down over the truss bars is known as the valance, and it measures approximately 12 inches.
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on May 12, 2016

    from OR asked:
    May 8, 2016
    Are flat plates available to attach to legs?
    1 Answer
    Caravan does not offer flat plates but they do offer Canopy Premium Weight Bags - Set of Four
    on May 9, 2016

    from Frederick, MD asked:
    April 24, 2016
    How does this canopy hold up in wind? Does it have the criss-cross poles throughout the top of the structure? How sturdy are the side walls?
    1 Answer
    This item is a temporary pop-up shelter only. It is not rated to withstand any sort of gusting winds, and does not feature truss crossbars across the full diameter of the canopy frame. The sidewalls are poly-taft walls which are secured only with velcro straps and plastic zippers. This canopy is not recommended for any inclement weather.
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on April 25, 2016

    from Lee, NH asked:
    April 15, 2016
    What is the weight of this tent?
    1 Answer
    This canopy is 68 pounds
    on April 15, 2016

    from ID asked:
    April 10, 2016
    Do the sides of this Caravan displayshade package zip together?
    1 Answer
    This item does indeed have sidewalls with zippers for joining them. It also features one sidewall with a middle zipper for an entryway.
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on April 11, 2016

    from South Dakota asked:
    April 6, 2016
    Do you carry any mesh sides to use with this tent?
    1 Answer
    This unit is compatible with mesh sidewalls. You may view them below: Caravan 10' Mesh Foodwall Pack (Set of 4)
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on April 6, 2016

    from Texas asked:
    March 22, 2016
    Could you tell me the size of the box that this will ship in?
    1 Answer
    This canopy package ships in a box which is 13" x 9" x 65".
    Justin R. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 22, 2016

    from Seattle, WA asked:
    March 1, 2016
    What does the limited manufacturer's warranty cover?
    1 Answer
    The cover for this canopy has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
    on March 1, 2016

    from Tavernier, FL asked:
    February 22, 2016
    Could you please advise on how we can clean this item?
    1 Answer
    We would suggest a mild detergent soap like Dove dish soap and a soft bristle brush or a soft rag to wash the dirt off, please allow to hang dry thoroughly.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on February 23, 2016

    from Lake Placid, FL asked:
    January 13, 2016
    Can one person take it up and down easily and in about how much time?
    1 Answer
    You can set up with one person but due to the way the frame sets up, we always recommend to use 2 people, the time depends on how handy the people are and how much weight they can handle, this frame weighs 48lbs.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on January 14, 2016

    from VA asked:
    November 10, 2015
    How can I get removable clear side panels for this Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade canopy?
    1 Answer
    We do offer clear vinyl walls as an option for this product. You can check them out here. Alternatively, we also carry 1/2 vinyl and 1/2 polyester walls.
    Kevin E. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on November 10, 2015

    from Portland, OR asked:
    June 29, 2015
    Where can I buy replacement parts for this Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade canopy value package?
    1 Answer
    Replacement parts for this canopy can indeed be found by following the link below: Caravan Displayshade Canopy Replacement parts
    Brennan W. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 30, 2015

    from Reno, NV asked:
    June 26, 2015
    Are the sidewalls of this Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade package fire certified as well?
    1 Answer
    No, the side walls for this canopy are not flame certified.
    Brennan W. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on June 26, 2015

    from NYC, NY asked:
    May 1, 2015
    Is at least one of the 4 walls that are included with this Caravan 10x10 Displayshade canopy package a like a door?
    2 Answers
    Yes, one of the walls will have a middle zipper.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on May 1, 2015
    Yes, that's correct! Actually if I recall correctly, all four sides can be unzipped into a door.
    on May 1, 2015
    from Indianpolis, IN

    from Toronto, ONT asked:
    April 28, 2015
    Are they certified under CAN/ULC-S109?
    2 Answers
    Caravan stated they have a fire rating of ULC-S109-03
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on April 28, 2015
    I absolutely LOVE mine! Had a slight issue with one of the weight bags tearing on the first use, but I reported it and they sent me a new set for free! So, the customer service is great as well.
    on April 28, 2015
    from Indianpolis, IN

    from Pullman, WA asked:
    April 22, 2015
    Is this Caravan Displayshade canopy package appropriate to use for food vendors?
    10 Answers
    Yes, it is. Just remember that, even though this canopy is flame resistant, you cannot have open flames underneath.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on April 22, 2015
    It would depend on the type of food. If it's pre-packaged/made food and drinks then I would say yes. This is just a simple tent that I use for festivals twice a year. It's not overly durable-but its simple and it looks nice.
    on April 22, 2015
    from Denver, CO
    We own and operate Arkansas Record-CD Exchange, the largest vinyl record store in Arkansas, and bought the Caravan 10 x 10 for Record Store Day which is the biggest day of the year. We used it to host recording star/producer Todd Rundgren signing autographs/taking photos. We had over 450 people just in line for him. The Caravan did the job! The walls kept things private when Mr. Rundgren arrived and easily removed when it was time to let his fans in. We don't sell food or cook, but the Caravan is spacious and will accommodate a crowd. We hope this was the first of many events the Caravan will be used for!
    on April 22, 2015
    from North Little Rock, AR
    I would say definitely yes. If any concerns with food it would be wind and you could use the side panels that you get with it on one side or three sides to block the wind if necessary. Also, I like that it is flame retardant and has the label sewn into the top canopy for any fire marshal to see.
    on April 22, 2015
    from Blandinsville, IL
    I have not used the product yet but the quality of the materials are excellent. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a sturdy set up that is easy to set up and use.
    on April 22, 2015
    from Tilton, IL
    This is a terrific tent. I think a food vendor would get a lot of use out of it. The 'top' extends quite high to give them plenty of ventilation. Personally, I appreciate the height to hang display's on, nobody will klunk their head!
    on April 22, 2015
    from Ocean Isle, NC
    We haven't had the chance to use our Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade Canopy yet but we did set it up when we received it. It looks quite sturdy and roomy enough to set up 2-5' and 2-4' tables inside.. As we are jewelry vendors I wouldn't know about using the canopy as a food tent. As long as you don't cook underneath the canopy because this particular one is not vented at the top.
    on April 22, 2015
    from NY
    Yes. it would work OK. We use it for crafts but this canopy would not be a problem for food vendors.
    on April 22, 2015
    from AZ
    Absolutely, it is very strong, It also has sidewalls so on windy days it will keep the sand and dirt from blowing in, it will also keep your products in place. It's a great deal!
    John Bracik
    on April 23, 2015
    from Lynwood, Illinois
    I used it for my honey sales and it worked well. I did make my own weights to add stability in the wind.
    honey lady
    on April 24, 2015
    from Gainesville,Florida

    from CO asked:
    March 16, 2015
    I want to order this canopy package in blue but I wasn't sure if that meant that the sidewalls came in white or were not included. Will the walls of this canopy always be white or are there different color options for them as well.
    5 Answers
    With the package deal, only the top can be a different color. The walls will always be white.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 16, 2015
    Good Afternoon- I ordered the tent with a teal top, and the walls did come white. Personally, I do not mind because when you have the sides up, it keeps the inside of the tent from being too dark. I hope this helps.
    on March 16, 2015
    from Mechanicsville, VA
    You receive the side walls but they come in white only. The roof is blue.
    on March 16, 2015
    from PA
    I was going to order Blue as well but I ordered white with white side walls. I am pretty sure that they didn't have colored walls to match and that is why I switched back to white. I guess it depends on the look your going for. P.S. The Canopy is very easy to put up and take down. I think, with practice, that I could do it entirely by myself, and I'm 63 yrs old. Hope this helps.
    on March 17, 2015
    from FL
    The walls that come with the package are white. You can purchase walls separately in other colors though.
    on March 17, 2015
    from Greeneville,TN

    from San Francisco, CA asked:
    March 14, 2015
    Do these canopies have roof vents?
    1 Answer
    This canopy does not have a roof vent. However, we do carry canopies with vents. One canopy is the Undercover 10' x 10' Super Lightweight Commercial Aluminum Popup Shade Canopy Package with 4 Sidewalls.
    Brennan W. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 16, 2015

    from ME asked:
    March 11, 2015
    Are the colored tops of this canopy package fade resistant? If I ordered a canopy with a colored top, the sides would still remain white correct?
    5 Answers
    The tops are coated to help prevent again fading, however if used frequently in extreme conditions, fading will likely occur over time. The Caravan 10 x 10 Displayshade Canopy Value Package + 4 Sidewalls comes with white sidewalls. We do offer the colored sidewalls in the accessories tab.
    April L. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on March 11, 2015
    I have yet to use my canopy so I cannot comment on the fading I am afraid but I did purchase a canopy with a colored top and I can confirm that the sides I received are white.
    on March 11, 2015
    from Chicago, IL
    Ours is all white so I don't know if a colored top will eventually fade. Plus, we just bought ours in January when there was snow on the ground and we still have snow on the ground. We haven't even taken our canopy out of it's bag yet. Mark Bentley
    Mark Bentley
    on March 11, 2015
    from Winchester, IL.
    The color canopy tops do not fade. I have one I purchased 6 years ago and it has been in use every year with no change in color. I live in Florida where the sun can bleach out almost any fabric. The blue color still looks like the ocean in the morning. Enjoy your color.
    on March 11, 2015
    from Florida
    You should probably just get a white tent. White would be the best to use in the sun because it would reflect the sun and heat better than any other color. If you are out in the sun all day, it can be very uncomfortable and you would need all the help you can get
    on March 13, 2015
    from central Missouri

    from Galloway, NJ asked:
    January 21, 2015
    What is pull-pin technology? The biggest problem I have with canopies is pushing in the telescope pin. It is so hard to move them with arthritic hands.
    6 Answers
    The pull-pins referenced on this item page are indeed an improvement over the traditional push-pin. peg like mechanisms that previous canopies used. To adjust the height of this canopy, you would pull out on a ring at the height adjuster and set the canopy to the desired height.
    Kevin E. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on January 21, 2015
    You pull a ring and the pin pops in place. When you hear a click your tent is secure which is very easy. This tent had a very nice plastic coated ring. I bought this as a replacement tent. My earlier model had a split ring. A couple of my rings broke and I replaced them with more split rings.
    on January 21, 2015
    from Marathon, FL
    They have a little ring, like a key chain ring, that is attached to the pin that is spring loaded. It is much easier than the push in type and you don't pinch your fingers. It is very quick and easy.
    on January 21, 2015
    from Cocoa Beach, FL
    These pull-pins snap in automatically as you raise it and it does not take much strength to pull the pin to rig the canopy down. The pin slides in a pre-drilled hole. I didn't have any problems with mine and I have arthritis in my thumbs. I can set my tent up and tear it down by myself with no trouble. I will admit it would be faster with two people but it did not take me long at all by myself. I am very pleased with mine! Hope this helps you!!!!
    on January 21, 2015
    from TX
    Pull -Pin technology is a spring loaded pin that slides into place when it finds a hole. In the case of the 10 X 10 canopy, as you raise the canopy to the desired height, the pin snaps into place when the desired height has been reached. To lower the canopy, you pull the pull-pin and and the pole will begin to collapse lowering the canopy.
    on January 22, 2015
    from Fredericksburg, PA
    I haven't had any issues with setting up the tent.
    on January 23, 2015
    from Bushnell,Fl

    from Greenville, AL asked:
    January 1, 2015
    What is the life expectancy of this tent and what kind of warranty comes with it?
    1 Answer
    Caravan has a 2 year manufacturers warranty on all hard good and soft goods manufacturing defects that may occur. The life expectancy is based upon amount of usage, storage, and care. There is not a warranty for human error or weather related damage.
    Emily - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on January 2, 2015

    from Southington, CT asked:
    November 19, 2014
    Are the Poly-Taft Sidewalls machine washable?
    1 Answer
    No, they are not. The manufacturer suggests they be cleaned by hand only, using a light soap solution and a soft cloth.
    Dawn H. - eCanopy Product Specialist
    on November 20, 2014

    Customer Reviews
    338 Reviews
    83% (280)
    16% (55)
    1% (2)
    0% (0)
    0% (1)
    85% Recommend this product (287 of 338 responses)
    By Mary B from Pueblo, CO on September 26, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good Value
    Easy to assemble. Appears to be durable. I like the color
    By Dan from Northern CA on July 28, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    High quality shade structure
    We use this canopy for Artisan & Vrafter’s Fairs. I just received it, and set it up only one time. It is well-designed, and structurally much stronger than other less expensive ones we’ve used. It includes four guy ropes we will use to attach our sandbags. The various velcro loops and fastenings are well-placed. The side panels not only zip together at the corners, but have a top to bottom zipper down the center of each, an excellent feature we were surprised to see. The storage bag is amply sized, making it much easier to get it over the canopy when it’s collapsed. As well, the bag is made of a heavy grade rubberized material which looks to be quite durable. The bag also has a side pocket large enough to accomodate all four side curtains, extra cord for guys, and our show banner rolled up. Time and repeated use will tell, but this canopy looks to be excellent so far.
    ConsNone so far.
    By Rebecca P from Macomb, IL on June 27, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Phone call helped me select the BEST tent for my needs.
    Everything about this transaction went smoothly. I represent a non profit and needed a sturdy tent for outdoor sales. The person answering my inquiry as to the best for the price was a big help. It arrived within days. We have already used it and are very happy as it withheld a torrential downpour! And, it was easy to assemble.
    Prosdurability ease in assembling prompt delivery personal attention in making a decision
    By Bob from Winchester, VA on June 14, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Put up canopy by myself in a few minutes
    This canopy is easy to put up. I put it up by myself in just a few minutes. If you have a helper it can go up in less than 2 minutes. It is high quality and durable. I have purchased 4 of them for my organization.
    By Rob from Canada on May 16, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    pleased with purchase
    I purchased this tent for business reasons and used on the weekend and it went up fast and was sturdy. Has fire code needed and am very pleased with it. Thank you very much. It also was delived fast.
    By Avaava’s Lavalavas from Puyallup, WA on April 3, 2018
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    eCanopy is where it’s at!!
    Great price, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and a high quality superb product that’s easy to use!! Seriously, what are you waiting for?
    By Francesco S from Tampa fl on December 9, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I love my e canopy very sturdy.
    By Willoren from PA on October 24, 2017
    Would Not Buy Again
    This was my first time using this canopy and it went up easily. I do not like the way the walls attach. The walls would not stay attached in the windy conditions. We bought this because our old canopy leaked and on the second day that it was up, it rained; you guessed it, the new canopy leaked. Our product became wet and we were scrambling to get it out of the water, which was coming inside of it. I'm looking to got back to my old canopy and cut my losses on this one.
    By Tom from FL on October 12, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy Setup
    ...First used it at a show this weekend, worked great, took awhile to get used to the zippered sides, but other than that, there were no problems. I hope the storage bag lasts longer than my last tent.
    ProsEasy setup.
    ConsI struggled, at first, with the sides.
    By Kerri from WY on September 20, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Caravan Canopy
    This is an easy tent to use and it has the fire code that I need for my next show.
    By Judi from MN on September 19, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    You Guys Are Great
    I had my tent destroyed at a show. With a show the following weekend, I was in a total panic. I got on and ordered the tent on Sunday and had it by Wednesday. Even better, it was on sale!
    By Leon from WA on September 5, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy Set-Up: Met our Needs
    I used this canopy for a festival this past weekend and it met our needs perfectly. It was easy to set-up and take down and very protective from the rain.
    By Thomas from OH on August 16, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I was looking for a durable canopy and the Caravan 10 X 10 DisplayShade Canopy is exactly what I wanted.
    ProsHigh quality materials. Mine has been exposed to moderate wind and it did well.
    ConsI have two quick cautions for potential buyers; it is heavy, and when it is in the carrying bag, it is a little awkward to maneuver.
    By Karen from PA on August 9, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    They Sent It Out The Following Week and It Works Wonderfully!!
    They sent it out the following week and it works wonderfully!! However, during a good amount of rain during a thunderstorm, I did have a bit of leaking. I don't plan on being in a thunderstorm again!
    By Rob from MA on August 2, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good Material & Service
    The item was shipped quickly. It was exactly as described. The side wall material is light weight, but seems like it can be put up with my use. The frame is very strong and I think it will last a long time. When everything is packed together, the item is heavy.
    ProsGood material.
    By Sanford from TX on June 13, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Excellent Product - Instructions Not So Much
    ...Seems to do what we need very well. ...Could use better instructions for taking down the canopy or installing the sidewalls.
    By Robert from PA on June 7, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Very Good Choice in Canopy Selection
    It is by far the best canopy on the market. I set it up myself, but it would be easier and faster with two people. The quality is there and I'm so happy I decided on the Caravan 10' x 10' tent. It has a great system in locking legs to frame and canopy top as well. There are no negatives and, by the way, I did not have to take off the top to fit in the canvas bag. It fit very well.
    ProsPrice is great for the quality and ease of setting it up; this is just a wonderful tent.
    Consnot here baby!
    By Chris from NV on June 1, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Nice Canopy, But The Bag Is A Drag!
    This is a nice, strong canopy. The side walls are kind of flimsy and flap around a lot in the wind, but for the price you won't find anything better. I recommend practicing setting up and taking down/packing it up before your first official use for vending. Use the tie downs if there is any threat of wind and make sure you anchor the legs with the provided stakes, especially when the side walls are installed. Watch the video of the set up and take down... It will help. The rolling bag is not great at all. More on that in the cons.
    ProsStrong frame... withstood being blown completely over. No bends or cracks. Easy set up/pack up, except the top. The top is strong and the velcro holds it tight to the frame.
    ConsCrappy instructions for installing the sidewalls. The manufacturer manual photographs need improvement. I recommend a video that shows the sidewall installation. No instructions on how to refold the top. There are videos on Youtube on how to fold canopy tops, though. Cramming it back in the pocket of the bag is tough. I folded my sidewalls and put them in a garbage bag to leave more room in the pocket for the top. The bag. Oh, that bag! Warning!!! Be careful when storing this in an upright position! It's heavy and can injure you if it isn't perfectly balanced and falls over. If you have children, please store it horizontally to be safe. When it's upright, the slightest bump can send it off balance, causing it to fall. It happened to me. Luckily, my counter didn't break! You have to pick up on the frame to center the bottom of the frame on the bag's platform, don't count on it being centered. It will tip! The bag! The wheels are small, so only flat surfaces are friendly, otherwise it jostles back and forth as you drag it over grassy or sandy areas. There are carry straps on the bag, but for some reason, the handles face two different ways instead of being in the same direction. This makes a two person carry kind of odd, but feasible if you need to carry it over rough terrain. Even having these cons, I believe you will likely not find a better canopy for the money. Most of these cons can be addressed by the manufacturer.
    By Jim from San Jose, CA on May 17, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Very Pleaseed with Canopy.
    Very pleased with it.
    By mary from Oak Creek on May 13, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    First time art fair dispkay
    This canopy is sturdy and well constructed for the price. It does take 2 people for set up but since this was my first time I was not that familiar so I think the more you use it the easier and faster the set up. Unfortunately for my first time we were battling wind and cold. The panel is thin but went up easily though we needed to reinforce it due to wind. The Velcro held well. All and all I would definitely recommend this product. You can't go wrong for this price and this type of quality workmanship.
    By Denise from Blanchard, OK on May 10, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Sturdy, Large and Beautifully Crafted
    So impressed with the sturdiness of this canopy . We live in Oklahoma and the winds can get crazy. It has held up to our winds and heat. I use it every weekend for a vendor event we do. You can't go wrong with this one.
    ProsSturdy, heavy.
    By Robert from Harlingen, TX on May 4, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    So Much Better
    The canopy arrived on time and just as described. It really is as easy as they say to set up and take down. The first time we used it, we dealt with 20+ mile an hour winds all day. Our awning held solid with our weights on the legs. It is a great design with the extra support rails between the corners and the center rail extending upward. We couldn't be happier with our choice.
    ProsExtra strong metal legs and support rails and the carrying case on wheels is brilliant.
    By Roger from MO on April 29, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Was Sent in a Very Short Time
    Was sent in a very short time and when it got here it was all right, and no damage. It looks like it will last a long time if taken good care of. Would recommend it to any one, and it looks very nice!!!!!! The color is very nice got it with a purple top!!!!!!
    ProsVery easy to put up in short order and looks great when it's up.
    By Margaret from West Dundee, IL on April 25, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Best Canopy I've Ever Used
    This is the best canopy I've ever used for Farmer's Market sales.
    By Bev from Livingston, MT on April 22, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy to Set Up, Exactly What I Expected
    I'm 5'6" 125 pounds. I needed a canopy for art and craft shows that I could transport and set up by myself. The 1st time out of the box I had it up alone in less than 15 minutes, which I think is a victory. Having the bag and rollers is key. The guy line you need and smallish stakes are included. Recommend having a plan for weighting the legs as it is high profile in the breeze, which is just the nature of this type of canopy, not a reflection on this Caravan Canopy. Keep your velcro clean!
    ProsEase of set up, can be done on your own.
    ConsThe roller wheels of bag are smaller than I expected, a bit inadequate for rough lawns.
    By Catherine from MANTEO on April 12, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good product better
    Used a caravan canopy for art festivals from 1998 through 2008...Then I moved to the Outer Banks and decided not to do art festivals anymore. Gave my canopy away. Now, in 2017, I have decided to do art festivals here in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. So I ordered the same caravan canopy I previously used. I was very surprised to find out that there had been many changes on this canopy making it much easier to set up and stronger. The profile of the top after setting it up is also much more appealing. A good product made better.
    By James from PINOLE on December 14, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Super product
    Easy to assemble great looking and quality material
    By Judi from Tomball, TX on December 13, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great product - arrived early!
    I did a lot of homework preparing to upgrade our tent for art/craft festivals and thought I couldn't afford what we really needed. We needed sturdy, easy to set up and four walls that would protect us and my work in bad weather., I was not sure I could really get all that at this price. I ordered it on Sunday night hoping to have it for a Saturday show. We put it up in the driveway straight off the truck on Wednesday. This past weekend Mother Nature put us through the ringer on a three day show - near freezing temps on Friday, wind every day and humid 70s and rain on Sunday -- no leaks and warmer than the outside early in the show and cooler on Sunday. Delighted with our choice. It couldn't prevent the flooding from the bad drainage on the site, but we spread the wet sides and canopy out in our garage overnight when we got home and everything was dry and ready to pack up in the morning.
    By Juleen from Tucson on December 8, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Canopy was exactly as anticipated; great service and product
    The canopy arrived as projected, along with all the components, including directions. Also PDFs of the instructions and certifications were sent to me by email; nice touch.
    ProsSturdy. I staked all four corners with two stakes from the rings at the top plus one stake through the foot. It was up for 3 days and 2 nights, slight wind, and it held up perfectly. I could probably set it up myself, now that I have done it several times, but it is much easier with two people, at least the spreading of the legs and the raising of the canopy top. The inclusion of sidewalls in the package was wonderful. Could open as many sides as I wanted and could zip it up tight overnight. Could easily roll up the side and tuck it into the structure so it looked neat and tidy. Photo shows two sidewalls up and the front walls rolled up. The box was dauntingly heavy but when unpacked was manageable. Don't know if I could manage without the included rolling bag, though. Tip: the sidewalls fit into the side pouch on the rolling bag, but don't put them in until you get the canopy back into the bag!
    ConsSidewalls can be a little tricky to attach; finding space for the velcro connectors was a challenge so I ended up attaching them to the velcro that typically holds the canopy corner to the leg post and then folding the canopy corner down over the sidewalls. Rolling cart is not as study as the canopy itself; already beginning to get holes near the bottom. Thus the 4 star review.
    By Nancy from HOPEWELL JUNCTION on November 22, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Light weight, yet sturdy~ perfect for craft fair
    I did a lot of research on a canopy tent for my first craft fair & kept coming back to this one~ it had the best reviews & it had everything I was looking for. The tent was fairly easy to set up with 2 people & surprising light weight for its size. I love the variable heights it offers~ you have several different options;& the walls & canopy were so simple to attach. My only suggestions: I wish it had a way to tie back the front wall panels if you wanted to create a "curtain" look for the entrance, but that was easily remedied by tucking the extra fabric around the front poles. I also found it impossible to fit all of the walls & canopy back into the side pouch of the carry bag, but not a big deal, I will just find a small tote for what I can't fit back in the bag. If you are on the fence, just buy it, you really can't go wrong
    Proseasy to set up light weight variable height adjustments great price came with metal anchors for securing outside excellent customer service
    Conscouldn't tie back or Velcro the front wall panels to create a "curtain" look for the entrance couldn't fit walls & canopy back into the carry case easily
    By MIKE from Cape Coral on November 3, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    good product
    good product
    By Kyle from Newport Beach, CA on October 23, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    5 star canopy, 1 star bag
    The canopy is sturdy and tall, no hitting your head on this one. The sidewalls arrived incomplete & damaged (one of them was missing its Velcro and had several small holes), however Caravan replaced quickly; great service. The bag sucks. While the instructions say that the canopy may be stored with the top fabric installed, it only opens on one end and as such takes 2 people and a lot of patience to slide it down past the fabric. It's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. I was hoping for something that zippered end to end. The wheels are a joke: 1.5" diameter and not even aligned to one another, let alone the bag itself. No amount of spray silicone has helped this to do anything other than slide in the general direction I am pulling. If you're taking this bag anywhere but a nice, flat tile floor, prepare for struggle and frustration.
    ProsWell built and tall canopy.
    ConsTerrible carry bag with nearly useless wheels.
    By TJ from VA on October 13, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    I love it!
    I purchased this white canopy with the intent to see well beneath it as I draw without having to rely on electricity at a street festival. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to hurricane Matthew so I haven't got to try it out yet! However, I did set it up twice beforehand to get a feel for how to set up and display - it was a cinch but definitely needs two people. I've taken it in and out of my minivan a few times and the wheels, zippers and case are all holding up just fine.
    By Julie from Johnstown, PA on October 8, 2016
    Sitting at the craft show while the water is dripping in my tent from the roof! All my pictures are soaked and ruined not at all what I thought $300 would pay for!!!! I had to at least give it 1 star but not by choice!
    ProsNot too bad to set
    ConsThis is not waterproof!!!! Completely dissatisfied with this product!!!!
    By Scott from Monticello on October 5, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Love it!
    Fast shipping and a great product will be a returning customer.
    By Joy Ranch, Inc. from Woodlawn on September 13, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good quality and sturdy
    Very pleased with the quality and ease to put up and take down this canopy. Really like the quality for the price and expect it to last a long time. The delivery time from ECanopy was exceptional, will use them again if in the need for more products.
    ProsEasy to set up and take down Good quality tent material and support system, should last a long time Sturdy
    ConsWeight of structure to move around
    By Angela from SUWANEE on September 7, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great product
    Great product, delivered quickly
    By Terry from Woodlawn, VA on August 30, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    A Must Have Pop Up Tent!
    If you really need a nice pop up tent that is going to last this is the one. eCanopy's website gives you so many choices but after narrowing it down, there processing time is very short. So surprised to receive my two pop up tents within a few days after ordering. When they were received they had been packaged very well and looked great. They are heavy duty so a little heavy but they will last a long time. The tent part is of very good heavy duty material so it will take care of our needs for a long time. I would recommend ordering through eCanopy.
    By Bill from MINDEN on August 29, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    So far So good
    I have been very pleased so far but haven't had a real test of the weather as of yet. It has stood up well to the wind we have had.
    ProsSeems well built. Easy to put up and take down.
    By Angela from Suwanee, GA on August 25, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Pro
    Received my canopy quickly and it was better quality than what I expected. Very nice product and impressed with the delivery time and quality.
    By Eric from Preston, CT on August 23, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Product!
    The canopy arrived on time and I set it up at home just to make sure I knew how to set it up before using it at my gigs. The video showing setup was very helpful. If you're looking for a canopy, this one does the job. It's stable and well built.
    By Donald from Conway on August 10, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Tent
    This tent is exactly as described. We use it as a prayer tent and put it up at different festivals around the county and offer prayer for people. You can erect it with one person, but much easier with two or more.
    ProsPrice, construction, shipping, customer service.
    By Keith from CADILLAC on August 3, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    QUICK and personable service, Great product
    My canopy had broke days before an event and I scrambled to find a replacement that would ship to my area quickly. I was struggling to find expedited shipping and even a company that had a phone number listed, we called eCanopy and they put a rush on our order and got it out the same day and I received it just in the nick of time! Thank you guys! Also my new canopy is easy peasy, the walls are a bit of a trick to zip up but hopefully I will get the hang of it the more I use it.
    By Joel from Louisville on July 30, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    great product!
    looks like this canopy will serve me well.
    ProsI like the zipper entry walls. Makes entering/exiting much easer.
    By Mary from Pekin on July 27, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Love it!
    ProsEasy to put up.
    By Jane from JACKSON on July 12, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Well made. Easy to install.
    I bought this for use at art fairs. I have used it two days so far. It looks really nice. It also installs easily.
    ProsLooks great. Easy to install. Packs well in the case that comes with it.
    ConsNeeds to be weighted if it is very windy (all tents do.) It is heavy to lift into the back of a truck (need two people to lift.)
    By Ronnie from SPRINGFIELD on July 10, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    The canopy is easy to put up it seams durable in high winds only issue we found was plastic zipper are a little weak
    ProsEasy to put up
    Conszipper a little weak
    By Randy from EAST BERLIN on July 1, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great product!
    The main frame is easy to put with two people and the top is very heavy compared to the cheaper pop up canopies sold in the big box stores.
    By Dane from OH on June 28, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Exceeds Expectations
    My canopy was delivered well before expected. This is my first time working farmers markets. I found that my canopy was better built than most of the other canopies. People also commented on how professional the canopy weights look as opposed to the water jugs others use.
    By LINDSAY from CRANSTON on June 15, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Caravan displayshade
    Love my canopy! Very easy and fast setup. Sturdy build
    By Nancy C from NEW CARLISLE on June 14, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    canopy top
    Used the tent two weeks ago for the first time. It went up ok but I had a few learning experiences. You didn't say how to do the sides and we put the top on and then tried to do the sides , the top was on tight which was fine . So I guess that the next time I will put the sides on first the the top the finish raising it to full height. Also couldn't figure out how to roll sides up and use the extra piece in the middle of each side to hold them. No explanation on the instructions. We had serious wind problem that day and I had to close early but the tent held up except for the top coming off part way.
    By Csaba from Erwin on June 13, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Excelent Product
    Very good quality and delivery.
    ProsColor, quality and delivery.
    By Michael from WARREN on June 7, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Visibly superior build quality
    Solidly constructed, heavy duty product- several notches above a box store canopy in every way, including weight(it's heavy!). Very easy to set up and having both CAIP and NFPA flameresistance tags pleased our fire inspector. Couldn't be happier with service, product or delivery!
    Prossee above
    ConsBig and heavy, but for a reason
    By James from CEDAREDGE, CO on June 5, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Exceeded Expectations
    Purchased this canopy package for our tree board's use at town functions. The addition of sidewalls and a wheeled carrying case was a plus. Not only did quality exceed expectations considering the price but the ease of setting up and taking down for storage was great.
    Pros1. Price point. 2. quality of product. 3. Ease of use. 4. Including sidewalls and carrying case.
    Cons1. Carrying case had no provision for storing the side walls, just the canopy if detached during take down. 2. The included instruction book was poor but the website pdfs and instructions on the carrying case were good.
    By Lindsey from INDIANAPOLIS, IN on June 1, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Purchase!
    We just did our first festival with the tent and it was great! We had to set up on concrete and hadn't yet gotten weights so I was a bit worried about the wind but it held up wonderfully! I had to set up by myself and the tent was very manageable on my own. I don't have any cons for this one!
    By Aaron from METAIRIE on May 31, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Excellent quality and service.
    Canopy shipped quickly. I have gotten to use it twice now, it is easy to set up. I watch others struggling with their canopies. This one has a nice thick, strong frame. It is certainly of better quality than most of the canopies I see other vendors using. It was reasonably priced with 4 sides included. Mine came with a 4'' slice on the side of the canopy. I have repaired it. I contacted this store about the issue and they promptly issued a credit that covers a replacement canopy. Great service. ONE complaint so far. The center support hangs too low. At 6'1'' I can walk under the canopy frame without ducking but I hit my head on the center support a couple times each show I do. A couple of more inches of height would have been GREAT.
    ProsStrong frame. Certainly seems like it will be very durable. Easy setup. Very good value for the price.
    ConsCenter support is too low!
    By KATHLEEN from ARLINGTON on May 27, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    easy set up
    It is longer than I thougth it would be also heavier but excellent quality has wheels on bag and EASY to set up!!
    By Fred from DANBURY on May 19, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Solid and well crafted display tent
    The tent goes up easily and is solid and stable.
    ProsSolid and well built
    By Amy from CLEAR LAKE on May 8, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Exactly what I wanted
    Nice standard tent for arts & crafts shows! Very pleased with the quality for the price.
    By Gloria from PANTEGO on April 30, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    All By Myse-e-e-l-f!
    The headline says it all. When it arrived I set it up in the back yard to see if I could set it up alone, just in case I ever had to. I'm one of those people who doesn't have the patience to read the instructions but most of the set up process was self explanatory. I think I had to look at the instructions twice. You guys are back savers and this canopy is the best!
    ProsAt a relaxed pace I set it up myself within ten or fifteen minutes. I would image two people in a hurry could set it up or take it down in no time at all. It is beautiful! I am excited about having a professional looking booth, and shade!
    ConsI have not found any.
    By Timothy from CHICAGO on April 18, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Amazing customer service
    When I got the tent, the wife and I opened it up to check it out. This tent really does open up and gets assembled in less that 2 minutes! Great fabric as well. Now the down side....checking out the whole tent, we found one of the wheels on the carrier had broken off of the bag...and a piece holding the support had cracked...and one of the pull rings had broken off...I mean, it was mostly working, so I sent an email to customer service, with photos of the broken items... Now the up side that will keep me coming back, they had sent replacements, free of charge, in less than a week!! This is the customer service we need more of! Well done, ladies and gents! Thank you all!
    By Lisa from VOORHEESVILLE on April 14, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Caravan is a quality product
    I ordered the caravan and it arrived in a couple days. very fast. I own an older one that has just started to fall apart and the canvas started to leak a little. this one is even easier to open and looks great.
    By Shannon G from Raleigh, NC on January 13, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy to set up and sturdy tent!
    We have only used this tent once thus far but it was extremely easy to set up and take down. It seems sturdy and well made!
    By Jon-Michael from Abilene on November 28, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good product, timely delivery.
    By Michael from KERRVILLE on November 23, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Product
    The canopy is great. It was delivered on time. There was a defective zipper on one og the panels. The manufacturer was not easy to deal with but agreed to replace the panel. To date I have not received it.
    ProsGood product
    ConsWarranty support is lacking
    By Bernie from PRESCOTT on November 20, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good for the price.
    Affordable canopy and easy set up.
    ProsAdjustable height to fit pro panels. Sidewalls attach easily.
    ConsSeams leak in rain. Wish they made upgraded top and sides avaliable for purchase.
    By Phil from Great Meadows, NJ on November 5, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Solid canopy for the price.
    We have used this on two occasions, one was a weekend craft show with some gusty wind the 2nd night. It held up fine. It is fairly heavy - so we didn't need additional anchoring, but bear this in mind if you have to lift it. The included bag does have wheels, which is very useful. The side walls are flimsier than I expected, but have worked fine so far. Just check the height - this is pretty tall when folded. It will just fit in a Mk4 VW golf if you remove (don't just fold) the rear seats. No way it would fit in our Corolla. Fine in a pickup of course. I'm happy with it anyway, and hope it will last a good few years.
    ProsSolid Iron frame is heavy enough to rarely need additional anchoring. Goes up very high. Easy to put up and take down. Includes 4 side walls and bag.
    ConsHeavy to carry. Long even when folded. I don't have measurements to hand. Ask the question if cargo space is likely to be a limitation.
    By mcneill from Marshall, Virginia on November 2, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good So Far
    We have only used the canopy once thus far, but it worked well. It was easy to set up with two people. It is heavy, but besides it being a little bit harder to carry and transport, I think that is a good thing--sturdy and harder to blow away. It looks good and I am happy with it.
    By Kathy Singer from Clarkesville, GA on October 8, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy up and easy down!
    The tent is very easy to put up and seems to be really well made. I wish there were better instructions for how to add the side walls, it took a little trial and error to get it right, written instructions re sides would have made it simpler. I think it could be put up solo, but having a second person makes it much easier.
    ConsNeed to include directions on how to mount and install side walls...
    By Barbara Hughes from Townsend, Tennessee on October 6, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good quality!
    The canopy itself was not hard to set-up, however, the side curtains were a bit tricky, no instructions so it took awhile to figure out how the side curtains went on. it took about a hour total to assembly, not as easy as it appears. I guess the first time always takes longer. Only 4 stacks, should be 8. Should be stronger tie straps. Overall it is okay!
    ProsTop cover, high quality and easy to set-up!!
    ConsSide curtains difficult to install without instructions and material very thin....
    By Evelyn from Murphy, NC on September 22, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Good product
    Great Quality for the money - first time we used it at a Craft Festival we had a few minor issues, all because we did not follow instructions, ready for the next show and we will be pro's!! Canopy set up and came down really quickly and even fit in the storage bag with ease. Good Product
    By Julie from Williston, SC on September 10, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    great canopy!
    Great canopy, easy to put up and was delivered real fast.
    By Great Wooden Creations from Los Angeles, California on September 8, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Perfect Canopy
    Made set up and break down a breeze!! Looks super professional. We love it.
    By Jim from Scottsboro, Al on September 7, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Canopy!
    After using another brand for years, I decided to try a Caravan. By far the easiest tent to erect that I have owned. The heavy duty frame is an added plus.
    By Lorraine from Estes Park, CO on August 26, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Nice quality tent
    Very nice quality tent. I'm a small female and was able to set up by myself, but I would recommend two people as it is heavy.
    By Jena from Walker, LA on August 17, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Impressed !!!
    Excellent product with super fast shipping! I am duly impressed!
    By Frieda from Yuba City, CA on August 17, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    New To The Craft Show Circuit
    We have been going to shows now for 3 months, but one thing is for sure, the Displayshade is a winner. I have had no trouble setting up or breaking down with just the 2 of us. In fact, other vendors have asked what brand it was and where did we get it. We could not be more pleased.
    ProsEase of setup and tear down. Quality of materials.
    ConsA little heavy for one, but manageable.
    By Dianne from Donnelly, Idaho on August 16, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Love This
    Great product and easy to use.
    By Paul Kunkel from Questa on August 2, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great canopy
    I looked for awhile to find a canopy that was durable, easy to set up, and easy to transport. Reviews are the key to finding what you need. I talked to many who had canopys at shows. EZ up seemed to be the star until I found the Caravan. I can say I haven't been disappointed in my decision. My last show, we were set up well before our neighbor and at the end, all was stowed and ready to leave well before they were. 5 stars for quality, ease of use, and looks!
    ConsPoor directions. Watch the video to really see how it works.
    By Julie from Oshkosh, WI on July 16, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Canopy!
    This is a great canopy for the price! I can set it up by myself with no problems. I like the sidewalls, it's one of the reasons I went with this canopy. Had a show where it rained for most of the morning and no water leakage issues from the canopy or the sidewalls. It worked great. I am saving up to buy another one of these canopies!
    By Adam from Lake Tahoe, NV on July 13, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    WE LOVE Our Canopy!!!
    We use our Canopy for all our vending events, we mainly do a handful of local events located at outdoor venues. So the restrictions are even more stringent than a lot of the inside venues. We also have some very strict Fire Marshall's to deal with! So long story short... the Marshall constantly uses us and our Caravan Canopy as a perfect example to all the other Vendors, on exactly what to have and the correct Structure!! It's very cool and were VERY HAPPY that we found you guys and purchased from you! Thanks for ALL the Help and Keep up the Great Quality Work!
    By Steve from Roanoke, VA on July 11, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    First time canopy owner
    Ordering was fast and easy. Canopy arrived in less than 5 days. I have used it at a craft fair one time. Setup and tear down fairly easy with two people. Side walls are quite thin/flimsy and need to be attached before the canopy is fully expanded to 10' x 10'.
    ProsGood quality frame. Top seems to be rugged and has good water resistance. Easy to set up and tear down.
    ConsWalls kind of flimsy and zippers may be a problem after some usage. The wheels on the storage bag could be engineered better. Perhaps they should be put on the end opposite the zipper and mounted on a stiffer substrate on that end of the bag.
    By Greta from Los Angeles, CA on July 10, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    EZ Set Up
    Wow, I could not believe how easy this canopy is to set up by myself. I am loving the pull pins as you pull it once and wait until it clicks into the length that you need. So glad that I upgraded to this Caravan canopy. My older canopy needed two people to set it up and the canvas was too dark and customers at the art shows I attend could not see the true detail in my art work. This new one is perfect for any event or family outing .
    ProsEasy to set up as one person can do it.
    ConsNothing to address as I really love this product and set up features
    By Amanda from Midland, TX on July 7, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Top Quality!
    We recently purchased our canopy after MUCH research. We wanted a good heavy denier top, and something easy to setup. We were not disappointed with our purchase!! Quality product, easy installation, and fast doesn't get any better than that!! Thank you!!
    ProsEasy installation, durability, easy to store, convenient wheeled bag with extra storage pocket.
    By Cindy from United States on July 4, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    The Caravan 10x10 Displayshade Canopy pack is awesome. I've never used a canopy before, and put it up at my first vendor event!! I was shocked at how easy it was to set up, and due to the shade covers, it kept me dry when it rained!! I'd recommend this product and company to everyone!! Great service, and shipping was fast!
    ProsEasy to put up and easy to break down!!!
    By Paul from Questa, NM on July 2, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Best deal around!
    After looking at all the available 10x10 canopies on the market, this canopy seemed to be the best. I was not disappointed! Service was excellent, arrived promptly, and the price was the best on the net!
    By Lucy from Albany, MN on June 30, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Satisfied to say the least !!!
    We are happy with our canopy. When ordered, we were concerned about getting it in time for upcoming weekends of motocross. We are very happy to say that it arrived sooner then expected. It was easy to set up and glad we had side panels, as the weekend was disappointing with a rain out, the canopy kept us dry. We sure were happy to have it.
    By Kathleen from Louisville, KY on June 29, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Craft Fair Canopy
    This canopy came quickly and was packaged well. It was far heavier than I could handle. I'm a small woman, but strong, so didn't think I'd have any trouble lifting 68 lbs. Setting up was a breeze with additional help, but I am hesitant about doing it myself.
    ProsThe framework is strong and the top canopy is made well with reinforced corners. The side walls are as thin as dollar store shower curtains though, which surprised me. I expected thicker material. I hung the back wall for shade and though thin, it served as a giant sail. The entire tent traveled about 5 feet in the wind, so the thin material obviously holds up well! I used concrete blocks to hold the bottom of the legs in place and they worked well the next time. I am happy with this product and glad that I purchased it. It was the nicest one at the market and I received many compliments.
    By Judy from Ruston, LA on June 26, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Perfect Canopy
    We bought two yellow canopies and use them every weekend. We actually bought a third one as a spare. I love the design and they are easy to put up. Most of all...I love the YELLOW color!
    By Mary from United States on June 25, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Canopy!
    I love how easy it is to put this canopy up! It does take two of us ,but I am a little bit on the wimpy side :) Once it is up, it is one of the best looking canopies around! I run a small business and attend various outdoor shows and markets. I really feel this canopy makes my business stand out from the crowd!!
    ProsEase of set up and looks fantastic!
    ConsNone :)
    By Tom from Canton, GA on June 25, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Value
    Looks great! Very easy to set up and take down. Perfect for a fair or event exhibit space! Highly recommend this Canopy!
    Proseasy to put up and take down
    ConsDidn't get one sooner
    By Jennifer from United States on June 25, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Sturdy tent that meets art show standards.
    This tent is reinforced and sturdy. I have faith in it withstanding the elements at art shows. The carry case is excellent. A heavy-duty canvas that has a front pouch for the tent sides, a top handle, side handles, and a stiff base with wheels. The case is big enough for me to collapse the tent with the top attached and it will fit in the case, which is excellent. It's tall and heavy, but I would rather have a tent that isn't going to collapse. The sides are very flimsy and thin, so in time, I will probably be replacing them. I was at a show that had rain, and the sides became incredibly slimy. I have no idea what it is, but the sides dried just fine and I figured, whatever. They're tent sides, not a blanket I plan on curling up in.
    ProsSturdy construction Excellent carry bag Can set up and take down alone
    ConsFlimsy sides
    By BC Concessions from Pueblo, Colorado on June 23, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Very good canopy package
    This canopy is easy to set up and take down, even when alone or in a strong breeze. The carrying case is big enough for the canopy, all the sides with room to spare. It makes getting everything in and out of the case very easy. Best of all, we stayed nice and dry during a brief but hard rain during our last event. The sides can be a little difficult to get zipped properly, but I would still recommend this product to others.
    By Kam Shihora from San Marcos, CA on June 18, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Excellent product
    This is a wonderful deal. Excellent product at a great price.
    By Scott from Boiling Springs, PA on June 6, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great quality and shipped quickly
    Shipped quickly and the Canopy was better quality than expected.
    By Joel from Auburn, WA on June 2, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Quality canopy at great price!
    My second purchase from this company of a Caravan, this time I ordered a 10x10. Strong frame, easy to put up and take down. Purchasing experience was easy as it was previously.
    By RBJ from Lovettsville, VA on June 1, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Easy to set up.
    My daughter and I were able to set up easily for her jewelry show at a festival. We used one of the sidewall as a sun blocker.
    ProsEasy set up.
    ConsNeed more stakes.
    By Peter from Hicksville, NY on May 31, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Built to last
    I can easily setup and break down a this canopy by myself in just minutes. The materials are high quality and the design is well thought out. This canopy is easier to use than other canopy brands and it is built to last.
    By Julie from Massachusetts on May 21, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great canopy
    After much research and asking experienced vendors, I settled on this canopy as I venture into the farmers market scene. This canopy is well built, high quality, and looks great. Taking it down by ones self is effortless. I'd purchase it again since I know it's going to last a long time.
    ProsSolid construction, looks great, high quality.
    ConsHeavy (but this is a trade off for solid construction) Not a one man job setting up or breaking down. (depending on the your size)
    By Lindy from Ocean Isle Beach, NC on May 19, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Crafty Canopy
    Starting with an email to eCanopy asking for flame retardant information I was a satisfied customer. I received a reply within 24 hours and a recommendation. I promptly ordered the Caravan, within a couple days it was in my possession. With 2 people handling it, this canopy goes up easy, and quickly. The legs and top glide apart easily. No yanking, tugging, or fighting with it. Within a short period of time, we were all set up and ready for business.
    ProsThe canopy glides apart without a struggle making it much less tiring to set up.
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